Weekly iPhone Apps Roundup: Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of The Week

Reviewed By: Luke Patrick

It may have been the summer solstice this week, but the sun never sets on our app reviewing here at the iPhone App Review! We’ve got your Top 5 iPhone and iPad App Roundup for June 24 ready to go, but before we dive into the meat-and-potatoes, here’s a sneak peek at some of the apps we covered this week:

This Week’s Stand-Out Apps

As usual, it was a great week for games as we covered Mixture—alcohol not included—Zuma Seasons, and Hi-Lo. We also detailed how Koder can save you a lot of coding-pain during your time away from the office. To top it off, we even looked at how Continuing Education Tracker can help you keep your education (and budget) under control.

That’s all for our Week-End Review, but don’t think we’re throwing in the towel just yet! Check us out after the break for a full look at our Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps for the week:

Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week




Backstab – $6.99

It’s time for yet another Gameloft offering that looks conspicuously like a console title. This time the chameleon in question is Backstab, the iOS developer’s take on what is more or less Assassin’s Creed.

Thankfully, the game pulls off everything you’d expect from an Assasin’s influenced title: It’s got excellent free-running, deep ninja-esque combat, a beautiful sandbox world to run amok in, and even a cannon shootout. The game is not without its faults (buggy playback, the occasional missed camera angle leading to a head-bursting drop) and its price is a bit high, but Gameloft has certainly pushed the envelope on what’s possible in iOS with Backstab.




Grillz – $ .99

Grillz is the kind of app that wants you to be your own human, own up to your mistakes and conquer all your adversaries. How does it give you this newfound confidence? By giving the gift of wicked, gold-encrusted teeth.

The app (which will cost a gold-studded dollar) is a full-on mouth replacement. Simply hold your iPhone up to your smacker, and Grillz uses on-screen lips to talk for you. Not only that, but the app comes with a ballin’ set of grills. Choose from stock gold teeth to diamond-bejeweled fangs. It’s a simple pleasure, and a cheap diversion. Just don’t follow the developer’s advice and ask for a raise with it.

Discovr Apps

Discovr Apps


Discovr Apps – $ .99

With the AppStore now sporting over 400,000 active apps, finding The One is now harder than ever. Even finding an app to help you find apps can be a crapshoot, too. Thankfully, we’re here to help you out: Download Discovr Apps.

This absolutely gorgeous app for the iPhone and iPad takes a unique approach to app recommendations: It arranges apps in a family tree-style fashion, drawing links between those that bear similarities. As you pick and choose apps that you like, the tree grows and responds, bringing you better suggestions. Discovr Apps is a genius at recognizing trends, and its a geek-out affair to find a new app with it. All in all, it’s the best dollar you’ll spend in pursuit of spending more AppStore money.




CamBox – $ .99

We’re constantly amazed here at the iPhone App Review by all the cool (and quirky) ideas indie developers concoct for the iPhone. Fresh to this category is CamBox, by developer Billaboop Studio. This dollar gem allows you to record snippets of your friends talking, and then map those recordings to an 8-square grid. Tap on any of the squares, and the snippet plays back. Obviously, this leads to some pretty gnarly beat-boxing, exactly as intended. It’s a blast to turn your friends’ words into semi-annoying jams, and at a stellar price, CamBox certainly tickled our funny bones. Give this app a go, and get straight to annoying the hell out of your family and friends!


Bamboo Paper

Bamboo Paper


Bamboo Paper – Free

This week brought us a fresh new update to an already fresh app: Bamboo Paper by stylus-and-tablet giant Wacom is now live and rocking a new coat of version 1.2 paint.

Bamboo Paper is a brilliant utility for taking hand-written notes on the iPhone and iPad. The app features unbelievably precise finger-mapping, meaning you don’t even need an expensive stylus to whack out a few quick notes. There are other apps of a similar nature in the AppStore (looking at you, Penultimate) but with an industry giant like Wacom behind the app, you know it’ll be worth your time. Not only that, but at the zero dollars and zero cents level until June 30, you have nothing to lose.


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