Baby Rattle Toy is a Cure for the Common Car Ride with a Toddler

Baby Rattle Toy - SelenaSoft, Inc.

Baby Rattle Toy app review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer


Price: $1.99

All baby iPhone apps are not created equal. And when you are on the road, in a store or sitting with a not-so-patient little one in a waiting room, you want to an iPhone or iPad app that can help, and fast. Cue Baby Rattle Toy from SelenaSoft, Inc. From teeny to toddler, this app is bound to enthrall your kid faster than you can say, “Pass me the rattle.”


Within seconds of downloading Baby Rattle Toy for my iPhone app review I knew I had to get this app in the hands of a baby. Sure, I could appreciate the bright colors, sound effects, interactive graphics and response, and even dig the dancing tunes, but it was much more fun to watch my neighbor’s one-year-old go to town. Sure enough, in no time flat he was shaking my shiny new white iPhone back and forth, cooing ecstatically at the bouncing sun on the screen shooting stars in every direction, and touching to create new sounds and characters pop up on the screen.

Thank goodness for that aluminosilicate glass screen, though I can see why he wanted to shake it. Baby Rattle Toy responds to touch and shaking with so many fun sounds, vibrations, music, on-screen motion, new characters and graphic effects even I had a good time playing with it. The idea is that all these graphics, sounds and vibrations give your child something to focus on, listen to and interact with resulting in less fuss and more fun.

I predict the locking feature will be a parent favorite. To access anything else on the iPhone you have to press the white information button and hold it while running two fingers down the middle of the screen. Safety first, I like to say. And maybe an OtterBox case before I hand my iPhone back to the neighbor’s kid.


Baby Rattle Toy app review

Baby Rattle Toy


Educational Factor:

In addition to being extremely bright, loud and distracting, Baby Rattle Toy has some pretty good lessons to teach your little one. On-screen characters all interact, teaching a great lesson on cause and effect. The characters that come up when you touch the screen are cows, foxes, cats, pigs, dogs and sheep. Each plays a unique sound. Use Baby Rattle Toy to teach your baby the names of animals and the sounds they make to up the challenge.


Baby Rattle Toy’s graphics are exactly what they should be, bright, bold, responsive and simple. My hats go off to developers for the layers of color and sound they put together in this app. Given enough touch and shake my iPhone’s screen became a cacophony of graphics, but no matter what I did this app marched on with clear images.


This baby-friendly wonder app full of soothing magic can be yours for the price of $1.99, pretty standard for a good iPhone app. It is also available on the iPad for a large screen experience. If you’re not sold on the app, try the free trial version in the iTunes market. Be warned, the trial version does not last forever and the lock feature is not available. Is peace worth $1.99? I think so.

Baby Rattle Toy iPhone app requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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