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Baby Jones - Graffiti Games Desenvolvimento de Jogos Ltda

Baby Jones app review
Reviewed by Valerie Lauer


Price: $.99

Who wouldn’t like their own personal guardian angel smoothing out the path forward for them? One very lucky, very curious, baby makes you their own personal guardian angel, and its your job to stand over Baby Jones’ shoulder and keep him free from harm in Baby Jones an iPhone app from Graffiti Games Desenvolvimento de Jogos.


Keeping up with a crawling baby can be quite a challenge, and I quickly found out during my iPhone app review that Baby Jones was no exception. Clad in naught but a diaper and a whole lotta chutzpah,  she crawls head first into the surrounding rooms, across the yard and even into a construction zone. Your job is to clear a safe path for him through the course and help guide Baby Jones towards safe toys and items along the way.

It sounds much easier than it is. Baby Jones iPhone app can actually be quite difficult, especially while you are mastering the game. There’s a knack to clearing the path quickly enough to avoid bonking Baby Jones on the head, then building walls out of items to keep her going in the right direction. Use candy to help guide Baby Jones in the right direction, but be careful the supply is limited.

Collect all the items highlighted in red from a level and keep your course time down to earn three stars. If you miss a couple items, it’s no big deal. You can still pass a course and continue with one or two stars. Levels get progressively harder and longer as you go. Almost any item on the screen is fair game. You may find yourself quite literally moving the kitchen sink to help Baby Jones make it to the far door.

User Interface:

On screen items may be controlled by dragging and dropping them out of the way in the Baby Jones iPhone app. The concept is relatively simple, but there is a slight responsiveness issue with the graphics, especially towards the top and bottom of the game. Several times I placed a candy accidentally and ran out of that helpful in-game tool.

Additional on screen controls include a pause button and a fast forward button. The pause button will show you an inventory of the collectables you have gathered or are missing from the current board. The fast forward button is extremely helpful and can make long runs on the game much easier to sit through.


Graphics & Design:

Baby Jones app review

Baby Jones

Baby Jones iPhone app levels are 3D graphic renderings of rooms, yards and additional spaces to explore. The design is extremely detailed and well thought out. Levels are intricate and increasingly interesting and difficult. Occasionally the direction of the traveling baby made it difficult to see what was ahead, especially while Baby Jones is traveling down the screen. Otherwise the colorful graphics and intricate boards are delightful.


Baby Jones iPhone app may be purchased for its regular price in the iTunes market for $.99. For an introductory period it will be available for free. There are in app purchase options to buy more candy to lure Baby Jones in the right direction, or you can earn some candy through game play.

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Baby Jones


Baby Jones iPhone app requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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