Atomania: Einstein’s IQ Not Required But It’d Certainly Help

Atomania - Stanislav Ustymenko


Price: $1.99

Atomania: iPhone Video App Review

Atomania for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Do you feel like your day could stand a bit more puzzling action? How about some puzzle fun with a science-themed twist and a wealth of strategically placed walls? If you answered yes, then the iPhone app Atomania, by developer Stanislav Ustykmenko, is exactly what the doctor called for.


Those of you familiar with the age-old classic Atmoix will feel right at home with Atomania. The game features the same molecule-bound gameplay that served to perplex and amuse in the original, only refashioned for the iPhone’s modern screen.

Atomania has you arranging atoms to match a molecule displayed in the lower left-hand corner. To do this, you will need to slide the various atoms around the playing field, which is filled with walls and other atoms. If you slide a particle, it will keep going (in a certainly Newtonian fashion) until it either hits another wall, or another particle. This means you’ll have to spend a great deal of your time strategizing before you start slinging: Arranging the atoms in just the proper way to produce the atom can be quite challenging, especially when larger molecules are concerned.

On the whole, Atomania’s gameplay is rock solid. However, I did experience a glitch where atoms refused to move away from corners, which was severely irritating when my timer was almost up. Thankfully, it was the lone Glitch Pirate onboard—Atomania is one solid puzzle offering.



Atomania for iPhone
Atomania for iPhone

Beyond a doubt, Atomania’s biggest strength are its excellent levels. Each one has been carefully crafted to appear nearly impossible, but is not so hard as to actually be undoable. This is a tremendous boon for any puzzler, as a true puzzle-addict won’t want a free lunch. The graphics are a little old-school, and can occasionally feel lackluster, but this is easily overlooked. The simple atom sprites are in no way a deterrent from such excellent gameplay, and where the game lacks in visual gusto it makes up for in one groovy techno soundtrack.

The music is awesome, and can be a real brain-stimulator when the player is stuck on a hard puzzle. The iPhone app also features full Open Feint integration, meaning you can take your newly-minted score to the web and brag about it to all your friends—until they best it, that is.

Overall Value

My only major concern for Atomania is its price: The iPhone app lies just outside of the one dollar sweet-spot at $1.99 in the AppStore. However, for that money you’ll get 25 challenging puzzles, which in turn creates hours of puzzling fun. Users still may be hesitant to spend two dollars on a puzzler. That being said, Atomania is a rock-solid app in the genre, and a welcome addition to any iOS gamer’s device.

Atomania iPhone app requires iOS 4.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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