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AOL TV app review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer


Price: Free

Looking for a one stop iPhone app that can connect you with all your television viewing outlets, even TiVo, Netflix and Hulu? Yeah, I was too. AOL, Inc. has stepped up to bat, developed the stellar AOL TV iOS app for iPhone and iPad, and hit it out of the ballpark in general.


In a market saturated with television apps, my iPhone app review process was naturally critical. Did AOL TV have the juice to stand alone and draw in users? It turns out this app is pretty great, though it isn’t your standard TV iPhone app.

Use AOL TV to manage your favorite shows. There’s no new show recording or special access plan. AOL TV for iPhone is just a central location to connect to and manage Hulu Plus, Netflix, Tivo and iTunes video content. It also links you to top entertainment news, displays channel listings with ease, and connects to you Wikipedia, IMDb and You Tube content through your iPhone’s browser.

It’s nice to have all of those things in one place. Obviously, I could log in to any of those services on my own and cut AOL TV out of the equation pretty easily. I am a pretty dedicated Netflix user, but I do see the allure this boob tube app could have if I frequented more than one of these services daily. Options to organize your shows into favorites, link your viewing habits to Facebook, link directly to downloads and update queues are nice as well.


AOL TV app review


Fun Factor:

AOL TV for iPhone is an eye-catching app, with bright colors, engaging graphics and a busy user interface. Show organization topics are pretty hilarious. There’s even a “You Gotta Be Kidding” category full of old school favorites such as “Walker, Texas Ranger” and “Judge Judy.” AOL TV earns some points for amusing me.

User Interface:

For all its flash bang styling, AOL TV is still relatively easy to navigate. Shows are organized into six main topics, or the search bar at the top of the screen can help you find a specific title. The TV listings tab is clear on my iPhone’s screen, but it’s too easy to scroll backwards accidentally. I was looking at listings from 6 a.m. at one point and wasn’t sure how I got there. Results are area and provider specific, but I was unable to add additional channels I have and use individually, such as HBO. That makes using their listings section pretty pointless, especially when my provider already has a useful app out there.


AOL TV is a free app available in iTunes. The real price of this app is your privacy. I really don’t want AOL having all of my log in information and access to my viewing habits. According to the app’s privacy policy available here they collect “personal information relevant to the situation including but not limited to your favorites, your friends, your television and movie rankings, reviews, and your viewing preferences.”

They also collect information for marketing purposes and provide some to partner sites you may access through the app. That’s a pretty standard privacy policy. My cable provider, Netflix, and several other companies I choose to business with probably have some this information already. Why invite a third-party into the mix for an inconsequential gain in convenience? Sorry AOL TV, you don’t get my vote.

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AOL TV iPhone app requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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