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Bible Audio Pronunciations: Work Those Glottal Stops!

Tweet Price: $ .99 Rating: Bible Audio Pronunciations Video iPhone App Review Do you know your Shear-Jashub from your Abednego? Odds are you don’t, or at least there are a few biblical terms and names which you’re a bit rusty on. But have no fear! If you stumble across a word in the Bible you […]


Wisp: Eiras Tale Has More Turns Than an M. Night Shymalan Film

Tweet   Price: $2.99 Rating Wisp: Eira’s Tale by developer Triolith Entertainment is a wood-studded bundle of nordic fun that will you have you tilting back and forth when you’re not shouting at the screen. The game is a fun challenge, and one that (combined with its stellar pricing) will easily find a steady-spot in […]