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Be a Walking Encyclopedia with Hyper Facts

Tweet   Price: $.99 Rating: While some ad campaigns warn you against “link overload” the Hyper Facts iOS app from A2rt encourages you to go ahead and let the links take you where you want to go. This tap friendly encyclopedia iPhone app puts information at your fingertips. Functionality: I’m a habitual Googler. I Google […]


Nix your Naughty Notebook Habit with Ghostwriter Notes

Tweet Price: $1.99 Rating: There’s something special about picking out a new notebook. The paper has to be just right. The cover has to be special. Even size matters. There’s just one problem. Notebooks waste paper, a big ecological no-no. You can banish eco-shame with Ghostwriter Notes from Michael Privat, a feature-rich, guilt-free, iPad app […]


RetroCalc: Nostalgic Mathematic Gold

Tweet   Price: $.99 Rating: Even if you are a level 60 mathlete, eventually you will need a calculator on your iPad. Instead of performing a perfunctory search in the App Store and downloading the first humdrum numbers iPad app you come across, do it like a Boy Scout, be prepared. Download the RetroCalc app […]