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Palm Heroes 2 Deluxe: Orcs, Bandits, and More Turn-Based Strategy Than You Can Shake a Stick At

Tweet Price: $4.99 Rating: Palm Heroes 2 Deluxe iPhone Video App Review Do you wish more than anything that you could relive the glory days of Heroes of Might and Magic, or Civilization, on your iPad’s fancy, modern screen? Barring the release of an official HOMM app, Palm Heroes 2 Deluxe by developer iosoftware is […]


Next! is Your Next Best Productivity App on the iPad

Tweet   Price: $9.99 Rating: If you’re looking for an all-inclusive productivity iPad app designed to track your upcoming goals, actions, to-dos, and references, look no further than Next! by LeftTurn Labs. This high-end note-taking iPad offers a lot of similarly top-notch features, even if the interface is more confusing than a turtleneck in July. […]


Peep your Ports and So Much More with JaNet – Network Tools

Tweet   Price: $1.99 Rating: Keeping tabs on your network just got a lot easier with the JaNet – Network Tools iPhone app from developer Michele Nucci. Now network administrators can monitor performance, identify security risks, track devices and more from one elegant app compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Functions: I was […]