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Warp Jam: The Most Fun You’ll Ever Have in a Traffic Jam

Tweet   Price: Free Rating: Warp Jam by Out of the Gun is unique in the AppStore, as its the only iPhone app I know of that makes a traffic jam even remotely fun. This game for the iPhone features loads of geeky homages, fun gameplay, and enough campiness to found a state park—and at […]


BrickColor: A Board-Game-Action-Puzzler That is Hard to Describe, Yet Fun to Play

Tweet Price: Free Rating: BrickColor iPhone Video App Review If you’re looking for a new and interesting iPhone puzzler app, BrickColor, by developer Philippe Auriach & Timothée Alby, is head-and-shoulders above a lot of other free-floating iPhone apps—especially in the difficulty factor. The iPhone app features a unique game concept that offers endlessly engaging gameplay […]