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Tweet it Your Way with TwitStar’s Colorful Stylings

Tweet   Price: $.99 Rating: Let’s be honest, there are a lot of Twitter iPhone apps out there. There are a few perennial reasons for using a third party Twitter iPhone app. Maybe you want more options or a different interface. Or maybe you just can’t stand the “QuickBar.” If you are in the market […]


Lamebo VS Zombies: The Black Sheep of Zombie Shooters

Tweet   Price: $ .99 Rating: Sporting one of the most bizarre back-stories ever seen in and iPhone app, Lamebo VS Zombies, by developer Swag Soft, offers heaps of genetically modified zombie blasting fun at a bargain price. The game mechanic is simple, but with multiple weapons and upgrades, Lamebo VS Zombies offers an incredible […]


TomTom 1.8 Update Touts HD Traffic Service and Multi-Stop Routes

Tweet  International GPS platform mogul TomTom is one step further on their mission to “reduce traffic congestion for all” with the latest version of their iOS app for the iPhone and iPod Touch which brings multi-stop routing and a new HD traffic service to subscribers. Plot up to Five Stops with Multi-Stop Routing Many smart […]


Meteoric Download Manager Floats Into the App Store

Tweet Price: $1.99 Rating: Meteoric Download Manger Video iPhone App Review It’s no secret: Apple has Mobile Safari locked down tighter than Fort Knox. Whether for security, battery life or control, you’ll need a third party iPhone app to really get the job done when it comes to iPhone downloads. Thankfully, developers like digitalPoke have […]


App Devs say Goodbye CrackBerry; Hello Apple and Android!

TweetRemember when Blackberry mobile devices were all the rage? People loved the ease of checking their email on the go combined with slick cell phone technology. Referred to as “Crackberries” by their legions of devoted fans, the developers of this device, Research in Motion (RIM), enjoyed serious success as one of the top tech producers. […]


Marty Mongoose: Making Rube Goldberg Proud on the iPhone

Tweet   Price: $ .99 Rating: If you’re tired of Angry Birds and want something just a bit more involving on the iPhone—but with every bit as much puzzle mayhem—Marty Mongoose via White Box is an up-and-comer to watch. The iPhone app isn’t without its faults, but it’s still wicked puzzling fun on the iPhone. […]

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