Urban Krav Maga: When You Just Need to Take a Brother Out

Urban Krav Maga: Fighting & Self Defense Techniques - Urban Krav Maga

Price: $4.99

Urban Krav Maga iPhone Video App Review

Urban Krav Maga for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

We’ve all been there: It’s late at night, you’ve had too much to drink and so has everyone else. You crack a bad joke, and next thing you know, there’s a two-hundred and fifty pound man barreling towards you with a glass bottle. However, if you’d had Urban Krav Maga: Fighting & Self Defense Techniques by developer Urban Krav Maga, this entire situation could have been avoided.


The Urban Krav Maga iPhone app attempts to be an all-inclusive self defense bible with a twist: The iPhone app focuses on the most common forms of street attack. Forget complicated stances, forms, or lengthy classes—Urban Krav Maga has all the best ways to avoid being glassed in the face, kicked in the groin, or shook down, among many more. The app is simple in design, offering first a list of common ways to be attacked while out on the town.

Clicking on any of the listed assaults produces a sub-list of video explanations. From there it’s smooth sailing, as clicking on any of the videos produces a detailed explanation narrated by two beefy British blokes who really know their stuff. The included media player is the usual stock iOS fare, offering basic play, pause, fast forward, and volume controls.

That’s all the app is packing, aside from a lengthy about section which details how Urban Krav Maga came to be. The section is worth a read, as its certainly interesting to see the arts progression. But as good as the videos are, I still would have liked to see some text rundowns. Perhaps a few bulleted list points at the end, just to wrap everything up.

Production Quality

Urban Krav Maga for iPhone

Urban Krav Maga for iPhone

Any iPhone app that relies so heavily on video explanations runs the risk of being cheesy or uninformative. Thankfully, neither is the case here with Urban Krav Maga. As mentioned, the two blokes doing the talking obviously know their stuff, and the information presented is just as precise as it is concise. The videos are high-quality and easy to watch: You won’t ever have to strain to see where to place a block or punch. The included about section is also a tremendous boon, as it reinforces the qualifications of the developers. On top of all that, the guys have killer accents. Good on ya, lads!

Overall Value

Urban Krav Maga is certainly on the pricy end of things, weighing in at $4.99 in the AppStore. However, for that money you’ll get a massive amount of information that’s specifically tailored to street-defense. One could make a case that this information is available elsewhere on the internet for free, but when it’s all contained here in one convenient app—and available on the go—the steep price of entry is much more endurable. In addition, the iPhone app offers the 10 most common street attacks, so you will be ready for common threats. However, The developers also have a 6 DVD set available on Amazon USA and Amazon UK should you wish to expand your knowledge base even further.

Urban Krav Maga iPhone app requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. Sounds great an Krav Maga application!

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