Toddler Counting and Numbers: Dinosaurs: Combines Old Bones and Modern Learning

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Toddler Counting & Alphabet - Dinosaurs - Space Machine, Inc.


Price: $1.99

Toddler Counting and Numbers: Dinosaurs, by developer Space Machine, is yet another brilliant addition to the ever-growing field of educational apps for the iPad. The iPad app combines fun, dinosaur-themed games with numbers and alphabet learning, creating an engaging atmosphere in which small children can learn.


Toddler Counting and Numbers: Dinosaurs offers a simple, and fun, method of teaching small children both numbers and the alphabet. The main game mechanic of the iPad app is spread across four different lessons, and is incredibly simple in its construction. Toddler Counting and Numbers: Dinosaurs has your child moving jumbled up strips of an image (all of which are dinosaur-themed) into place using either numbers or letters as their guide. Each part of the image is labeled with a single digit or letter that matches up to a same-labeled position on a board below. Once the picture has been completed, the app congratulates the child, and then offers them their pick of an array of stickers. Stickers are very diverse (cupcakes, balls, toys, etc.) and can be added to the child’s sticker book, offering an added drive to learn. Once the child has completed a sticker book, it can be saved to the photos album, or even emailed to the parent for some post-printing refrigerator fun.

Toddler Counting Alphabet - Dinosaurs

Design and Learning Capability

Though simplistic, the game concept offered by Toddler Counting and Numbers is very intuitive, and will certainly improve your toddlers understanding of both the alphabet and numbers. The game mechanic itself is straightforward and easily understood by young children, while its design makes the learning process fun.

The iPad app is geared towards letting your child pick which game to play: A childproof lock has been appended to the settings, and the large buttons make it easy for small fingers to choose a learning mode. The modes offered are also very intuitively designed—children can choose numbers from one to ten or one to twenty, and then the lowercase or uppercase alphabet. I very much appreciated the fact that a child’s voice narrates each number and letter, too, as it really encourages language acquisition.

Final Value

There are, of course, a ton of quality alphabet apps for iOS, but what sets Toddler Counting and Numbers apart is its focus on the child and parent. I felt like the app really encouraged the child’s involvement and the parents help in teaching letters and numbers, adding a value to the app that money can’t bring. Money, however, is only a modest concern (Toddler Counting and Numbers is $1.99 in the AppStore). All in all, Toddler Counting and Numbers is a tremendous value and a great excuse to spend some time with your child, teaching them important life concepts in an enriching and meaningful way.

Toddler Counting and Numbers: Dinosaurs iPad app requires iOS 4.2 or later. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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