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Reviewed By: Tommy Thompson

Talking Photo Booth - Thumbstar Games


Price: Free

Have you ever seen a talking monkey?  What about a picture of your Uncle Frank that said hello?  The sky is the limit here folks!  You can just about take every photo you have and upload it to the land of the Zany!  With Talking Photo Booth iPhone app by Thumbstar Games your photo albums will never be the same again!


The Toaster Said What? The beauty of this app is that it can be used on just about any photo!  Certainly you can go to town on the standard mug shots you have and replace the eyes, nose, and mouth to a wide variety of different shapes and sizes and even species!  But you can apply these animated facial creations to any picture you want.  Now every pet you have ever owned finally gets to speak their mind!  But what about the world of the inanimate!  Imagine a picture of a lamp that is just sitting in your living room.  With a couple of easy point and clicks your lamp has just turned into a member of your family.  Now add a voice and he’s telling you what channel he wants to watch!  This is classic!

Talking Photo Booth

Fun Factor:

This is going to be fun!  So where’s that picture of your ex boyfriend?  After a few vengeful additions he is now a dog asking if he can go outside!  Or how about that picture of the girl that never talks to you?  Now she can’t keep her moving eyes off of you and she wants you to take her on a date!  Your baby sister can finally speak her mind, “FEED ME NOW!”  The mailman can now look like a dog and give those canines a piece of his mind!  Your mom’s car can finally ask for a carwash!  Your math book can say “goodbye cruel world” and disappear forever!  You can hear the last words of an apple before it gets sliced up!  Not only is this fun – it’s therapy.  Where’s that picture of your boss?  In other words, the potential is endless!  Just keep an eye on the clock because you may lose a few hours before you know it!

User Friendliness and Value:

Much like the days of putting the pieces onto your Mr. Potato Head, this iPhone app is very easy to use.  The icons are basically self explanatory and in no time you’ll have this free app mastered!  There is also a demo video that is there to help as well!

At the wonderfully desirable price of free, this app offers substantial value. I can think of nowhere else that one can enjoy so much fun without spending a penny.

Talking Photo Booth requires iPhone iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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