Teach the art of Saving Money with Savings Spree

Savings Spree - Money Savvy Generation

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Price: $2.99

Concerned about your children’s view on money from a young age? Let Savings Spree from MSGEN, for the iOS teach your children all about saving, with the entertaining game host, Money Saving Pig. Your children (and maybe even you) will have blast playing the different games and finding out just how easy and important it is to save money in the real-world., through simple daily decisions that we all face.

Game Play:

When I embarked upon the iPhone app review, I found from the start that users can choose from playing the Savings Spree game, loading a practice session, or finding out more (for Parents and Educators). The practice game sessions are where young ones can replay the games they’ve already unlocked. Savings Spree appears to be aimed at the 7-11 age bracket and it is perfectly suited for them! The games are really entertaining and have just the right amount of challenge associated with them to be fun, while not impossible. The iPhone app offers a huge variety in the games and they all focus on one important point: how to save money in every day life. I felt Savings Spree was very effective in showing the importance of saving money and in helping people see just how easy it is to save money with the right decisions, today!

Savings Spree

Graphical Layout:

At first, I was a little taken back by the graphics in Savings Spree. They are very different from what I’ve become used to in many other iOS apps. However, after I spent more time with the app, I realized that I really love the graphics! They’re done in a wonderful hand-drawn, color pencil style and are truly wonderful! Additionally, there is a lot of variety in the art, with the different games using all sorts of different animated drawings.

Savings Spree has a wonderful, unique feel to it, partly thanks to the excellent and interesting graphic design. The layout is easy to navigate and even first-time users will feel at home with Savings Spree! Children certainly shouldn’t have any problems when tackling the different games, as the layout and instructions make everything fairly straightforward.


Savings Spree is a fun game and the sound included with it are super fun as well! The background beats and sound effects are perfect for setting the pace in the different games. The sound track isn’t generic or boring either; kids will be entertained (and learning!) for a long time with Savings Spree!


Far too much of the day is spent being bombarded with enormous amounts of advertising, all trying to encourage people to spend their money. The art of saving is really an art and education in this practice needs to start from a young age. Savings Spree helps with this by encouraging and teaching children the importance of saving with fun-filled games, cool cartoons and excellent graphics. Savings Spree is definitely one of the best educational apps I have seen on the iOS yet!

Savings Spree iPhone app requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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