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Reviewed By: Tommy Thompson

RogueTime - Advantura Technology Group, Inc.


Price: $6.99

Like any good professional you take calls from your clients anywhere and anytime.  These are billable calls right?  Instead of pouring over the cell phone bill after the fact to try and recoup some of your efforts you need to capture these calls  as they are happening!  Advantura Technology Group now has RogueTime, the app that captures your billable mobile phone time!

User Friendliness

This iPhone app is very easy to use and once it is set up correctly it can be a very powerful tool.  The touch screen menu buttons are easily navigated with and each screen is very easy to maneuver through.  The app utilizes an auto import command to pull clients from your pre existing address book and you can also manually create new clients as well.  As you use your phone day in and day out you can easily create any report you wish by simply entering the criteria you wish to analyze.



RogueTime, when set up properly, will calculate the number of minutes each call takes.  It can assign each minute a pre designated hourly rate, and it will create a report that can be emailed directly to the client that highlights the date of the calls, the length of the calls and of course the billable amount.  All this in the palm of your hand!  You can set up each of your clients this way even if each one has a unique ‘billable’ rate.

RogueTime iPhone app requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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