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I don’t know who started it but the Facebook trend of using your tagged photos to make a single-picture spread has certainly become viral. To keep up with the virtual Joneses you’ll need your own souped-up profile page, and to help out, developer Opera Apps has provided all the tools you need in Profile Pro.


If you’re not familiar with the idea at hand, you probably don’t use Facebook much. With the popular social networking site’s latest redesign, users now have the option to show their tagged photos at the top of their profile page. Certain enterprising souls began using this to create whole-page photo spreads, a process that’s quite complicated when done manually.

Profile Pro is a streamlined utility iPhone app that makes this process much easier. The iPhone app comes with four pre-made profile sets for users to throw on the wall, but Profile Pro also supports uploading photos from either the iPhone’s camera or photo library. You can manipulate photos how you like using smooth touch gestures and the handy mock-up Facebook profile. The iPhone app even supports adding Picnik style effects to your photos, in case you have a thing for sepia tones.

Once all is set and ready, users are free to save the photo and then upload it straight to their Facebook page. The process is streamlined and simple, meaning you’re only a few clicks away from a brand-new face—Facebook page that is. I did have a few problems saving photo effects, but this is the only bug I encountered in an otherwise rock-solid app.


Profile Pro for iPhone

Profile Pro for iPhone


I’m a big fan of the app’s design, as it makes use of many iOS standards to great effect. Tabbed in-app browsing is present, as well as a cool Facebook-esque color scheme. Adding effects and manipulating photos could not be simper (a handy scroll wheel is present for the first, while pinch-to-zoom tackles the latter) and a well-designed in-app help menu has your back if you get lost. I do wish the app supported adding photos from the web, but this is a small complaint. Users instead have to add the photo to their photo library before remixing it in Profile Pro. I also wish the app featured more than just four profile sets, but with future updates, there’s room left to grow.


Profile Pro is priced at the always pleasing one dollar range in the AppStore. For that money you’ll get an excellent Facebook utility that makes profile page customization so much easier. However, there are many other online sites that perform the same function as Profile Pro for free. Essentially, whether or not you need Profile Pro depends on how much you value ease-of-use, a sleek interface, and simplistic controls.

Profile Pro iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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