Paradise Island HD Gives you The Keys to Your Very Own Island

Paradise Island HD - Game Insight, LLC


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Paradise Island HD iPad Video App Review


Ah, sun, sand, sea, and the keys to the whole enchilada? That’s right sim-genre fans! It’s time to pack your sun tan lotion and business acumen as Paradise Island HD challenges you to build your very own tourist destination, cabanas, casinos and all.

Reviewed by Jon Li


The Paradise Island HD iPad app, developed by Game Insight, LLC, harmoniously blends the thrill of business with the relaxation of a day at the beach.  When you first power up the iPad app your plot of land is sparse with one broken pier at your disposal. But alas matey, you have everything you need to create a word class tourist resort! Once you build out your island, it is time to staff your businesses and begin ringing in the cash register with profits! Don’t count your money just yet Mr. Trump, spend wisely, as repairs will need tending.

Those who watched my iPad video app review know that I was quickly, and rather easily, able to build a road, fix the pier, and set up a cabana, which made money rather promptly. However, as you can see from the screenshot, what I did was childsplay. You are able to build a resort that would likely make Atlantis jealous, and have oodles of fun in the process.

I must also extend a positive nod on the tutorials and help files that are abundant within this iPad app. Far too many great apps fall by the wayside as they do not properly educate the user. This is certainly not the case with Paradise Island HD, and although the game does not need a tremendous about of explanation, the help that is available aids in quickly and easily ramping up to the entire process.

If you love deeper interactive levels of enjoyment, Paradise Island integrates with OpenFeint, wherein you can play with players from all over the world and compete for awards and achievements!

Paradise Island HD

Graphics and Sound:

The graphics are clear, crisp, colorful, and vivid. Scrolling around the island, zooming, and animations were lag-free, quick and responsive, and seemed to draw little in the way of memory from the device. The sounds were also a joy, as you were able to hear the waves lapping in, the sounds of the cruise ships horn in the distance, and a light tropical melody in the background.


Paradise Island HD is free. Whereas there are many in-app purchase options, none are required to embark upon the building and enjoyment of gameplay initially. Thus, you are able to download the app and power it up to get some hands on time before deciding if the app is worthy of your investment.

Paradise Island HD iPad app [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 3.2 or later. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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One Response to “Paradise Island HD Gives you The Keys to Your Very Own Island”

  1. Scrapper says:

    This was a very addictive game. I was playing it now stop. Over a Christmas break I was playing 24/7 and got the complete christmas collection, without purchasing any part of it. Then all of a sudden, I’m denied social access and any new items or anything else they offer. The reason was cheating. Said I was changing date and time. Well for one I don’t need to do this my phone automaticly does this for me. Even when I drive to Chicago my phone changes the minutes for some reason and I’m only two hours away. I hate to see what they do to people that travel more then I do since I don’t usually leave my area until summer when I travel to visit family.

    I did enjoy this game would have gave it top rating until this happened now I will have to give it a poor rating. If I was cheating would be a different story, but I was not! So if you enjoy this game go ahead and play and hope when you get so far in game or play so much you get the item without haveing to purchase it. They don’t take it all away.
    I’ve never posted reviews before, but they have made me so mad after playing this game so long even when shopping I would stop and see if my 25 energy was back and use it right away let it restock and do the same thing. My family was thinking I needed to see a doctor. Well now I’m going to try to post this where ever I see reviews for this game!
    I hope they all post it for me.


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