Parachute Rings – Hold Onto Your iPhone, This App is Quite a Ride!

Reviewed By: Tommy Thompson

Parachute Rings - Leading-Edge Structure LLC.


Price: $0.99

Hopefully you are not afraid of heights!  Actually this may be the first time you can jump out of an airplane in the safety of your own bottom floor living room!  Parachute Rings by Leading Edge Structure LLC is a game that everyone can enjoy!

Visual and Audio

So you’re all hooked up, helmet and goggles on, chute packed and ready, standing on the edge of the open airplane’s door.  This is not exactly a leap of faith, more like a leap of fun!  The scenery and sound effects are extremely lifelike as your perspective is looking from just behind you.  The rings are formed far in front of you and are easily visible.  The sky is filled with other airplane traffic, hot air balloons, and an occasional bird, and as the ground approaches quickly you can see the vast farmland below along with a big red bull’s eye!   You can hear the wind whistling through your helmet and if you make it through the rings a nice celestial sound occurs, like you’re falling from the heavens!  Speaking of sound, if you don’t pull that chord in time you’re going to hear the sound of panic!


Parachute Rings

Fun Factor:

There are several different ways to score as well as not use up your three life lines, or as skydivers say “try not to die!”  Each set of rings is colored with a different point value and you can free fall through them as well as parachute through them.  Then at the landing site is a big bull’s eye to score the perfect landing.  Of course, the more skilled you become the more levels you advance to and the challenge grows!  You can easily spend a ton of family time trying to go for the high score, or the fastest death, or even see how many airplanes or hot balloons you can hit!

User Friendliness:

This iPhone app is easy to use as you’ll quickly become an expert skydiver after just a few practice rounds.  After the countdown a simple screen tap will send you hurtling toward earth and you’ll find that just a slight tilt of your phone to and fro or side to side will adeptly maneuver your diver into position.  The crucial rip cord pull is also easily tapped.  And if you have an unexpected fear of heights moment you can pause the game in mid flight and continue the game whenever you feel better!  The main menu also offers instruction, and even the ability to create an account.


Parachute Rings offers great thrills, excitement, and even some mental stimulation, all for the low price of under one dollar.

Parachute Rings requires iPhone iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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