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MrMixit - HD Interactive

MrMixIt iPhone App

Reviewed by Luke Patrick


Price: Free for a Limited Time

In what is easily the most overplayed genre on iOS, it’s refreshing to see developers like HD Interactive mixing a blast of innovation into a beat-oriented iPhone app. Their latest offering, MrMixit, is an amalgam of several different genres with just a dash of tasteful art to top it off.


The gameplay of MrMixit is, to the best of my knowledge, unique in the AppStore. The game has you playing the robotic protagonist for which the iPhone app is named as he spins, beats, and mixes puzzle pieces together. Your goal is to pair up two symbols on the decks, creating a whole image. To do this you’ll need to first find the correct pair from a wall of possible choices, and then mix the two together like you’re beat-mixing a track.

MrMixit is a great game concept, and it gets especially fun when the in-game clock becomes an issue. The finger-flicking starts when you have to race the clock to find the right pair, drag it to the decks, and then twist and turn the platters to just the right spot—all before the timer hits zero.


As unique as the game concept is, some updates would be welcomed. The game resets you back to level one after every fail, it’s even harder to work your way back up the rings, especially when the gameplay is essentially the same from level to level.

MrMixIt iPhone App

MrMixIt iPhone App

Sound and Graphics

Easily the biggest boon for MrMixit is its stellar graphics and music. The game features an urban graffiti style to its artwork with loads of slanted lines, harsh but mellow color combinations, and wicked robotic goatees. MrMixit suggest you play the game while wearing headphones, and I fully second that recommendation: The included soundtrack is incredible, featuring new and original mixes made just for the game. Combined with the street-art style, the soundtrack not only makes the game what it is, but enhances the (still groovy, if a bit tedious) game mechanic.

That being said, I do wish the music had been even more of an integral part. Typically it just sits in the background, changing from level to level. Considering the music is the main drive here, I feel like it could somehow be more center stage in MrMixit’s gameplay.

Overall Value

MrMixit is currently free in the AppStore, but will return to its usual $1.99 pricing soon. The game is an absolute steal while free, and even at two bucks, its still worth the money to experience such unique gameplay. Consider that a phat recommendation from us!

MrMixit requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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