Memory Mayhem Rolls onto the iOS with Memoballs

Reviewed By: Philip Chan

Memoballs ~ Memory game with a smile - amelisoft


Price: $.99

Are you are a Go-Fish board game master? Think you can handle any memory game under the sun or on the iOS? If so, then tackle Memoballs iPhone app, from developer Amelisoft!

In our iPhone app review of Memoballs, we found that players take turns facing off against the AI or other human opponents, trying to successfully clear the Memoball screen of all the balls, based off their memory. Sounds easy enough, right? In fact, Memoballs iPhone app can be quite challenging, thanks to the adjustable AI skill levels. Toss three different board sizes and Memoballs can be quite the puzzle!


Users can select from three different board sizes (12, 24, 48), and up to four players (including AI or real human players). Memoballs also includes variable difficulty settings for the AI, something I really appreciated when first playing the game as a total beginner. Gameplay is fairly straightforward and the game board looks great! Users take turns trying to match up the previously-revealed memoballs, trying to be the first to clear the board successfully. It’s a fun concept and definitely a good group game!
Stability seemed to be something of an issue with Memoballs. I would occasionally run into some crashed upon game start. However, this wasn’t always an issue.

My other critique of Memoballs is that there is not an easy to figure out the game for first time users, without visting the website first. On the flip side, Memoballs’ website is very well done and quite informative. Still, I would like a quick tutorial option in the beginning to help new users out. It’s not exactly intuitive at first, and I had to spend some time at the game’s website before I felt comfortable with Memoballs


Graphical Layout:

The overall graphical layout Memoballs is very polished and well-done. The board looks great and the interesting layout of the setup memu (like an old radio) is quite creative. Even the loading screen of Memoballs  is fantastic, quite a testament to the graphic design team behind this app. Of course, the settings section is a whole lot easier to view on the larger screen of the iPad. If you are viewing it on an iPhone or iPod Touch, it can be quite frustrating to attempt to make out the tiny details on screen. However, developer Amelisoft did address this, with a big “Zoom-in/+” button, helping make things easier on the eyes during game setup.

The game balls in Memoballs look great! There’s an interesting variety to them, with more promised to be added in future editions of Memoballs. They have all kinds of different expressions, adding an entertaining element of cartoon fun to Memoballs.


Memoball’s soundtrack is fairly nonexistent. There are some “click” and other sound effects, but not much else. Still, I think this actually works best for Memoballs. It’s designed to be a board-game style app and constant background music would get pretty annoying if you are trying to play this with a large group of friends.


There aren’t a tremendous number of board-game app for the iOS, unfortunately, and Memoballs is one of the few ones. It’s a fairly fun game app and pretty affordable too, at only $.99! You’ll be hard pressed to purchase a hard copy of Go-Fish for cheaper than this price! While there are some stability and design issues, overall Memoballs is a polished iPhone app with a lot of replay value for gamers of all ages!

Memoballs iPhone app requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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