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Logic Puzzles HD - PunkStar Studios

Logic Puzzles HD iPad App

Reviewed by Luke Patrick


Price: $3.99

Remember those puzzles you used to play as a kid? The ones with all the confusing grids, and the bizarre narrative clues that had you putting X’s and O’s on the spots where so-and-so did this-and-that but not there-and-there? If you don’t, PunkStar Studios’ Logic Puzzles HD is the perfect time, place, and iPad app to help you remember!


Logic Puzzles HD is based on an older style of puzzle that many of you may or may not remember. In the words of the developers, it’s a cross between a crossword and a sudoku puzzle, but with logic clues tacked on for good measure. You’re presented with a grid of people, places and things, and you’re charged with using the clues to determine who did what where.

For example, one of the puzzles involves a group of rowdy schoolboys, and its your job to discern who fought who and where they fought. The clues are just obvious enough to get you started, but hard enough that you’ll very quickly find yourself scanning the board for X’s and empty spots for possible O’s. If you like puzzle games, then Logic Puzzles HD will be a great deal of fun. The combination of relaxing note-taking and hard puzzles makes for an excellent offering, especially on the iPad’s spacious screen.



Logic Puzzles HD iPad App

Logic Puzzles HD iPad App

The iPad app itself is very well-designed, offering a simple and intuitive interface. To select a puzzle, merely click on it from the drop-down menu or scrolling bar. The app then loads the board and away you go. To put in an X, simply click on an empty square. Another click and an O goes in its place. The iPad app offers up a wealth of ease-of-use features as well, including an auto fill function that automatically fills a row or column when you’ve placed an O on the board. You can also undo a move or clear the board with the touch of a button.

Within the clear function you have the ability to remove only wrong answers, which is a nice touch. However, I do wish the developers had implemented a more visual response checker, as a pop-up menu with text solutions is the only way to check your work. This isn’t a major gripe, however it is a bit off-putting.


Logic Puzzles HD is currently priced at $3.99 in the AppStore, which is bordering on too hefty. The iPad app features more puzzles than you can shake a stick at, combined with a sleek interface and excellent functionality, but even reducing the cost by a dollar would make the app much more appealing. However, there are certainly enough puzzles here to please even the most ardent of puzzlers.

Logic Puzzles HD iPad app requires iOS 4.3 or laterA small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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