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Reviewed By: Philip Chan

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Price: Free

Imagine an app that lets you record you locations and actions every day, allowing you to create a virtual electronic diary of your activities over time. If you have always wanted something like this, check out Koodja, from Farshid Ghods, a truly customizable journal app.

Koodja is a personal location journal, for the iOS, available for free through iTunes. Users can choose what and where they add locations and info to the app, with an array of options for location customization. You’ll need an active network connection and location services enabled for this to work, but it will save your information offline for easy viewing whenever you like.


The depth of info that Koodja is able to record is quite impressive. Not only does it provide a location tracking function, but it searches out all the nearby establishments (commercial, residential, etc), lists them, and allows you to quickly pick from them to add to your entries. A Google Maps locator is featured with this page as well, really adding to the usefulness. Finally, the array of subcategories available for you to pick from when selecting the activity to record is really nice. There are Sports (with many different kinds of sports listed), Friends and Family, Work (subcategories with location, customers, reference # and notes) and much more.


Graphical Layout:

Koodja has a pleasant, green and silver graphic design with easy-to-read font. The overall layout is quite simple to navigate and shouldn’t pose a problem for new users. It’s a tad simple, but nothing that distracts from its overall design.

Ease of Use:

Koodja is quite easy to setup and utilize thereafter. The key is having an active network connection or a device with GPS (although the app developers state that is relies on API’s, not constant GPS monitoring to record locations) to get everything to work. Users that don’t have a GPS-enabled device need not worry, as I was able to still add my locations when connected to a wireless network on a iPod Touch, 3d gen. You can even add photos and other useful information to your Koodja records, all while editing the entries, allowing for wonderful customization of this virtual journal.


The great price (Free!) and multitude of options Koodja iPhone app gives users really helps make it a winner as a location tracking app. As previously mentioned, there are categories for everything from Sports, Work, Movies, Shopping, Celebrating, Family, Friend and Dining, plus extensive subcategories under these. It’s entirely possible, with the right iOS device, to track your every day routine and rack up an electronic journal of your life using Koodja. For iPhone users unhappy about their location being tracked, Koodja probably isn’t the best choice. However, if you would like a tracker app that allows you to record your activities, Koodja is an excellent choice.

Koodja iPhone app  [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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