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Reviewed By: Philip Chan

KeBouquet! - A-Tono


Price: $1.99

If you cannot stand the price of teleflorists but your significant other (or mother, or friend) would adore flowers, try out KeBouquet for the iOS! True, it might not be quite the same as a real bouquet of roses, but it’s a much more environmentally friendly (and affordable) alternative to traditional floral arrangements! Users can load KeBouquet on their iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, then proceed to design their own custom floral arrangements and send them to their friends. There is a huge assortment of different flower arrangements possible with KeBouquet, plus all sorts of different (and impressive) personalization options.


It’s easy to access the different options presented to the user in KeBouquet, with their associated buttons at the bottom of each screen. Users can select from viewing their own Gallery, making Bouquets, setting up their Calendar and more with KeBouquet.

Of course, KeBouquet isn’t just a simple floral arrangement app. It also offers a useful Flowers Encyclopedia, where users can look up the meaning of different combos and specific flowers. Also included is a floral suggestion tool, and a calendar to keep track of important events and celebrations where flowers would be appropriate. Finally, users can send their arrangements not only via email (and text message!), but also via Twitter and Facebook.


Graphical Layout:

For any virtual e-gift of flowers to be even remotely accepted by the recipient, it simply must look good. KeBouquet does a decent job of this, even when rendered on different formats (Twitter, Facebook, text message, etc).

KeBouquet flower arrangements look great, have vivid, memorable colors and are arrayed on an attractive background for recipients. The overall app layout is fairly simple but quite functional and allows for easy use of the main features (Reminders, Settings, Bouquet Design, and more) even for new users.

I like how KeBouquet sets itself apart from other virtual flower programs by allowing the user to totally customize the floral arrangements, using different wallpapers, vaces, accessories and, of course, flowers. KeBouquet is a far cry from the cheap, silly-looking online “free” e-gift flowers and is a much nicer, classier gift. The graphic design is quite well-done and also helps KeBouquet stand out from competitors.

Ease of Use:

If I’m not feeling like taking the time to design an arrangements (shh don’t tell!), KeBouquet allows me to simply “shake” the iOS device and a new, randomly generated flower arrangement pops up! The personalization options and other fun features of KeBouquet really help keep this app useful. It’s a great way to send a short, kind message to others, through well-designed virtual flowers.


If you have a practical friend who doesn’t mind receiving flowers electronically, than KeBouquet is an excellent app. Just don’t try sending ‘em every day, as the novelty might wear off and leave you with no choice but to purchase real flowers again! KeBouquet is not free, but it is fairly low-priced and is certainly cheaper than ordering from a florist, both in-store or online. Keep in mind that purchasing KeBouquet allows you to send 200 KeBouquet floral arrangements; after that you’ll need to pay $0.99 to purchase another 200 flowers. That’s definitely a downside of KeBouquet (I would prefer that the one-time purchase cover all flowers), but even with this it is still much more affordable than a $30 online floral order!

KeBoquet iPhone app requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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