iMommy for iPhone Teaches Children All About Baby

iMommy - Kathleen Shimmield

Price: $2.99

iMommy iPhone Video App Review

iMommy app review

Reviewed by: Valerie Lauer

Mothers are the unsung heroes of the work force. They juggle kids, jobs, homes, husbands, friends, bills and more with an unnatural aplomb that defies sanity. The new revamped iPhone app, iMommy from developer Kathleen Shimmield, tries to make the acting of being a mother a little easier with educational lessons and good clean fun for your little ones. It’s good to know someone’s looking out for you and yours.

Educational Factor:

The iMommy iPhone app is an educational tool and fun interactive game for younger children. While conducting my iPhone app review I saw firsthand how educational lessons were integrated in the application from the beginning. Creating and customizing your baby for iMommy takes a few simple taps. Babies are available in four different ethnicities and may be customized by tapping the three icons located at the bottom of the screen.

Launch a color lesson with the touch of a finger in the iMommy app. Select the area your little one wants to customize, either hair, eyes or outfit, and a brilliant array of colors from periwinkle to cranberry will cover the display. Kids can have fun creating wild outfits for baby, and then it’s on to the game.

Gameplay consists of five different scenarios for baby, all centered around activities a real baby would do. Tap on one of the colorful, interactive squares to launch a room with a baby that must be fed, changed, bathed, played with or coaxed to sleep.

For older children this is a great way to learn what really goes in to raising a baby, right down to the dirty diapers. Consider the iMommy app a tool if you are expecting a new child and your older children have questions or want to know what they can do to help.


iMommy app review

Navigating the iMommy iPhone app was a breeze. There are no confusing menus and a lot of fun, touch interactive graphics that will delight your children. Some items in the bottom right and top right corners were a little difficult to engage in the bath time room on a brand new iPhone 4, however this was a very small glitch in a delightful application. Maybe tiny little fingers are better suited to this game than mine. My three-year-old niece seemed to have a great time playing it.

Audio and Design:

To get the most out of this application you must have your speakers enabled. Depending on the mood of the baby, this app can emit startling cries that teach children that it’s time to care for baby or delighted gurgles and coos. Baby even nods off to sleep and begins to snore in the crib! The wide variety of audio in this app is amazing and really adds something special to the app.

Graphically, iMommy is not revolutionary in any way. It is a basic design. There are several items in each room to play with, move around and interact with. The soft colors are clear and engaging. I do wish some items were a bit clearer, especially in the kitchen where several different food jars have labels.


The iMommy iPhone app costs $2.99 a relatively small price to pay for educational fun. For mothers with small children or one on the way, it’s a solid investment. The iMommy site also mentions free updates that will be rolling out regularly in the future to enhance and improve the app, which is always refreshing.

iMommy iPhone app requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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2 Responses to “iMommy for iPhone Teaches Children All About Baby”

  1. Valerie, thanks for the great review. Hope you actually liked the app.

    BTW, check another cool feature of it – try giving baby the milk bottle right from the fridge for couple of times. It’s a tricky feature we’ve added in recent update, hope you’ll like it! :-)

  2. TiredMom97 says:

    Real Fun, kids love it! Sweet idea.

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