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I Act in Fact iPhone app review

Reviewed By: Bill Myers

Price: $1.99

After performing the iPhone app review for I Act in Fact, by developer BrowseWorks, I realized organizing my life is more than a mandatory chore, rather, it can be an enjoyable game.  This iPhone app wrangles your competitive spirit and pins you against your fiercest competitor: yourself.  Not only is the interface of this iPhone app flawless, but the “Stats” portion of the app sets it apart from any other time management iPhone app.  Let’s talk about how this app can make accomplishing tasks more enjoyable and less mundane.


The layout and usability of this app is beautiful.  Organizing your life can be complicated, but I Act in Fact makes things easy.  Touch to create a new task then swipe to complete it.  The stats meter in the top left corner of the main screen gives you a statistical analysis of how you have been completing your work.

I Act in Fact app review

I Act in Fact



Although it can get cumbersome to type in a to-do list on your iPhone, the benefit of doing so goes far beyond a sense of accomplishment after scratching a task off a list.  Having access to statistical analysis of how you are progressing as the days and weeks go by, grants you the opportunity to challenge yourself in ways that writing things down the “traditional way” simply did not allow for. I believe that utilizing this iPhone app will aid in your overall productivity, as well as bring back a simple and basic element of fun to otherwise tedious tasks.


I find it challenging to knock out items on my to-do list, especially with a hectic lifestyle.  But the fact that I can now view statistics on how my tasks are being accomplished and how much time it is taking me to complete objectives forces me to look at my life in a completely different way.  I like a little competition and this iPhone app pushes me to constantly want to do better than the previous day.  It’s tough to place a dollar amount on increasing productivity, but $1.99 is more than fair, and easily justifiable.

I Act in Fact iPhone app requires iOS 3.1.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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