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Hello Kitty Match3 World is one of the latest Sanrio games to be released, this time for the iOS market. Gamers can unlock all kinds of different Hello Kitty themed wallpapers and pictures by beating the Hello Kitty Match3 World matching puzzles games, racing the clock to get the highest score. With Twitter score sharing, over 18 different Hello Kitty outfits, over 126 different match items and a viewable world rank, Hello Kitty Match3 World is perfect for diehard Hello Kitty fans!


Anyone familiar with the match puzzle style of gameplay will have no problems getting the hang of Hello Kitty Match3 World. Essentially, you are trying to match up three or more of the same symbol items. Hello Kitty Match3 World offers two gameplay modes, a timed and a unlimited gameplay mode. In both, you are trying to score the highest amount of points before the timer runs out or before you run out of possible moves. It’s fairly straightforward, with some creative differences between levels (namely in the location of gameplay and the items you are matching).

Hello Kitty Match3 World

Graphical Layout:

Everyone is familiar with Hello Kitty, but few have seen her arrayed in fashion from so many different countries. Hello Kitty Match3 World lets gamers scroll a map of different world locations and Hello Kitty appears at  each with a themed outfit (Russia, Saudi Arabia, etc). It’s easy to navigate and choose where you want to challenge the match game at. Graphics are cute and sharp, even on non-retina screen displays. There is over 18 different original Hello Kitty outfits shown in the game, from all over the world!


Typical of Hello Kitty and other Sanrio games, Hello Kitty Match3 World offers a light and cheerful soundtrack. It nicely complements the fast-paced gameplay, helping keep gamers on their toes. There’s some sweet sound effects that occur when you match up the correct items, encouraging you to keep at for the duration of the game round.


Fans of Hello Kitty will find Hello Kitty Match3 World an irresistible iPhone game. There’s loads of different outfits to see Hello Kitty in, 20 different themed wallpapers available on completion of different events, bonus themes and, of course, fun yet challenging gameplay! Fans of Bejeweled and similar match puzzle games will feel right at home with Hello Kitty Match3 World. Hello Kitty Match3 World is a fun and light game, perfect for true Hello Kitty followers!

Hello Kitty Match3 World  [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 3.1.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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