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Hairy Letters - Nessy

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Reviewed By: Philip Chan

Learning the alphabet is a rite of passage that few of us remember actually doing, yet our parents certainly can recall this monumental and often tedious first set of steps in our education. The advent of iOS devices in many households offers the possibility of easy alphabet learning with the aid of the touch screen, as is the case with Hairy Letters app, from developer Nessy. If you are a parent or guardian of children that are just learning their letters and basic words, consider Hairy Letters!

At its core, Hairy Letters is an education English-language app for children just learning their alphabet and simple words. It combines colorful animation and crazy characters with important teaching games, for ages 4 and up.

Functions and Gameplay:

Hairy Letters has several different modes; all aimed at helping your children get ready for more advanced language skills. There are games to play, tracing letters, pronunciations, cartoon animations and more, all included in Hairy Letters. The games include sounds that help reinforce the proper pronouncing of letters and words, definitely a useful thing for small children. I was impressed with the amount of variety included in Hairy Letters! Children need interesting apps to keep them entertained, and Hairy Letters is certainly such an app! Also, Hairy Letters is quite easy to pick up, allowing even younger children to quickly use it without too much trouble.

When playing the tracing game on Hairy Letters, I noticed that I was rewarded with a “Well Done” if I traced the letter backwards or forwards. This probably isn’t an issue for most people, as the end result is the same. However, if you are a stickler on penmanship, keep in mind that Hairy Letter might not create the most pure ‘form’ of penmanship in its young students.

Hairy Letters


Graphical Layout and Sounds:

Hairy Letters has sharp, colorful and fun graphics. I liked how these graphics in Hairy Letters were sure to appeal to children who are learning their letters and words for the first time.  The game graphics and the letter shape graphics fit together overall, and should provide enough visual entertainment to keep the children interested in Hairy Letters. The “hairies” in the game are really quite cute (picture little colorful fuzz balls, or the dust creatures in My Neighbor Totoro) and look great on-screen. Plus, there are other cartoon images that popup with cute sounds, especially when you complete a task successfully, helping solidify the words and letters in your children’s minds.


The developers of Hairy Letters mention that this app has multisensory learning, developed by UK specialist teachers and this app also won the Education Resources Award for 2011. That in itself is rather impressive, especially for how low-priced this app is. Hairy Letters is quite useful for teaching children the basics of letters and words, with the tactile sensation of tracing aiding in the learning process. Hairy Letters is one of the best teaching aids on the iOS market when it comes to helping your children improve their early language skills!

Hairy Letters iPhone app requires iOS 3.0  or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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