Grove Keeper: Elemental Physics Defense Game Gone Wild!

Reviewed By: Philip Chan



Price: $.99

Tired of the repetitive nature of Angry Birds and want something with a little more variety, yet similar physics-based gameplay? Grab Grove Keeper, on sale now for only $0.99 (iPhone and iPod Touch and $1.99 for the iPad), with a great blend of physics, tower defense and puzzle gameplay today!

In a faraway land, two mystical men bend the forces of nature to create a living, breathing, beautiful and peaceful world. However, one of these individuals turned to the darkside, and began using his powers to destroy, annihilate and control the entire world. The other, known as the Grove Keeper, must use his powerful elemental forces and ragtag army to defeat the evil hordes of his onetime accomplice.


Describing itself as a “casual, physics-based action puzzle” game, Grove Keeper defies simple attempts to categorize it just one genre. However, I’ll try to describe it is simply as possible: Think Angry Birds, but  with the tables turned. Imagine playing as the pigs in Angry Birds, but with the ability to launch elemental attacks and launch physics-based projectiles at the incoming army of birds. Ontop of this, add in some crazy boss enemies that show up and try to take down your fortress, and you have the basic premise of Grove Keeper. While the array of action on screen can be a little intimidating at first, Grove Keeper walks the first-time user through the basics of gameplay, keeping everything at a stable learning curve. The main defense you’ll get to use is a cool “rock wall” that is activated with the swipe of your finger. However, as you progress through levels, you’ll get NPC allies, cool new attacks and more to keep things interesting. You’ll need all your wits to defeat the crazy bosses that come out in some of the later levels, so be ready!

Graphical Layout:

Groove Keeper

I can’t help but continue to favorably compare Grove Keeper to Angry Birds. While I enjoyed the whimsical vector-art and cell-shaded style of Angry Birds, I really like what Grove Keeper offers visually. It’s a cell-shaded feast for the eyes, with lots of variety (something I felt was missing from Angry Birds). Characters range from the humorous to the downright bizarre and there are excellent animations and cinematic throughout the campaign mode. Even the intro trailer, where the storyline is introduced, is topnotch. Grove Keeper boasts retina display support for the newer iOS models and a HD version is available for the popular iPad device.


The background music really has a cheery and fun atmosphere to it, fitting the entertaining gameplay style and storyline of Grove Keeper. Sound effects are fantastic too, and add to the visceral nature (and awesome feeling) of defeating waves of enemies!


The Grove Keeper app has plenty to keep gamers interested, with a campaign/storyline mode, plus an awesome Last Stand mode. In the latter, players may attempt to see how long they can survive against a endless waves of opponents. Throw in game Center support along with over 40 achievements, plus more than 80 levels and you’ll find plenty to keep you entertained with Grove Keeper.
Grove Keeper is now on sale, both its iPad HD version (from $3.99 to $1.99) and its iPhone and iPod compatible versions (from $2.99 to $0.99). It’s a great time to purchase this fun-filled-physics-and-tower-defense-mashup of gameplay app. Users will invariably compare Grove Keeper to some of the other physics-based games on the market and will probably agree that Grove Keeper is definitely one of the better game apps available for this genre.

Grove Keeper iPhone app requires iOS 3.1.3 and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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