GeoCam Enhances Your Photos with GeoLocation Pinpointing

Reviewed by: Philip Chan

Price: Free

Like most of us, you have likely taken many photos of a place and then awhile later, when you come across that same photo, you are racking your brain trying to determine where it was taken? Trouble your brain no more with the help of the GeoCam app. This iPhone app is a very useful tool designed specifically for the concept of “geophotos” which are essentially photos that are taken and supplied with more detailed information, such as geographic coordinates, camera orientation at the time the photo was taken, additional comments and so much more!


In performing this iPhone app review, I snapped a number of photos and thoroughly tested the functionality. I found that whether you are focusing on an object or a specific location, an additional layer will appear while you are in the shooting mode, and it will display camera orientation and the geographic coordinates. The location data will appear on the upper right hand corner of the screen of your iOS device.

Some other additional features that this iPhone app has to offer includes: simultaneous image viewing, mapped shooting location, shooting direction of shooting, and shooting parameter accuracy. You can also take your captured photo(s) and send them via email or even host them on your social networking sites such as Facebook and your online albums such as Flickr. Getting a hang off all the different features this app has to offer might take some getting use to, but it is not difficult.



Graphical Layout:

Once a photo is taken, a “Geocam Report” is automatically generated. A “GeoCam report” is basically a PDF format file which contains the image, a map with the location marker, camera orientation data, scale value, the location address and the geographic coordinates, the name of the person who took the photo, and the local and global date and time of when the image shooting took place. The app’s gallery allows you to go back and view or get rid of previously taken “geophotos.”

Ease of Use:

This iPhone app is pretty simple to use. Once the free app is installed, you can immediately point and shoot. You do have to have your “Location Services” feature turned on in your iPhone or iPod Touch settings and also allow GeoCam to track your location whereabouts for this iPhone app to function properly and accurately. The GeoCam location tracker function can be turned off or on at any time.


Offered as a free app, GeoCam is quite useful and beneficial. It can be used for daily life, travel, business, and social life applications. It can even come in handy in unexpected situations such as traffic accidents, where you can take images of the incident and save as a source of proof and information for insurance purposes.

GeoCam iPhone app requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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