ContactsXL 3 + Sync With Facebook: An Extra-Large Dose of Your Daily Contacts

ContactsXL 3 +  Sync With Facebook - Jonathan Teboul


ContactsXL 3 + Facebook Sync

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Price: $.99

One of the sorest things about the iPhone is its less than stellar integration with third parties. While the Android platform is rocking contacts sync with everything from FourSquare to Facebook, the lack of similar functionality on the iPhone certainly feels like a drag. Thankfully, a golden soul by the name of Jonathan Teboul thought the same thing: Or at least enough to create ContactsXL 3 with Facebook Sync.


If you’ve ever looked at the stock contacts iPhone app and felt like it was not pulling its weight, then ContactsXL 3 + Sync With Facebook is your new best friend. The iPhone app is first and foremost a souped-up contacts replacement, offering a wealth of features not present in the original. Most notable among these is the ability to create groups which can be used to send mass emails or texts, sorting of contacts by birthdays, creation of favorites for quick and easy access to your best mates, and a whole host of filters and search functions that make finding “that guy” easier. Another cool feature is the in-app keypad, which lets you type the few digits of a number you remember, only to have the app offer suggestions.

However, the real draw of ContactsXL 3 + Sync With Facebook is built into its name: Facebook Sync. If you’ve been itching to sync up Facebook photos, numbers, email, and personal information with your contacts back home, look no further. The iPhone app features full integration with your Facebook contacts, and adding information to existing friends is as easy as associating a Facebook account with an iPhone contact. The app does the rest, filling in blanks for location, work, birthdate, etc. Adding new contacts from Facebook is also a one-click affair, making it piss-simple to flesh out your address book. However, there are limitations: You cannot currently access Facebook emails or phone numbers, meaning you’ll still have to add those by hand.



ContactsXL 3 + Facebook Sync

ContactsXL 3 + Facebook Sync

ContactsXL 3 + Sync With Facebook is really emulating the native Facebook app in its design. It features the same icon stack and blue-based icons, however, there’s a lot of room for interface customization via settings. ContactsXL 3 + Sync With Facebook has added a lot of neat design twists, though, including a CoverFlow style viewer for contacts, an impressive amount of filters, and the ability to add data points to the home screen.

Overall Value

Even without Facebook sync capabilities, at a dollar in the AppStore ContactsXL 3 + Sync With Facebook is still a superb value. If the stock contacts app feels wimped-out to you, and you want a bit more beef when it comes to your address book, the app has everything you need. Add in integration with the world’s largest social network, and this app’s a steal.

ContactsXL 3+ Sync With Facebook requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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