Space Artillery Fun with Bug Chucker

Bug Chucker - Cyan Worlds

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Price: $0.99

Remember Myst and Riven, two awesome PC games from several years ago? The developer, Cyan Worlds, has released an game for iPod, iPhone and iPad: Bug Chucker! Use your launcher skills to shoot bugs out from the Galactic Bugship S.S. Treehugger at the evil Sawz, robots under the control of the nefarious Lord Lahguh. Throw in four different bug types, over 40 levels plus multiple achievements, and you are looking at some serious iOS fun from Cyan World in Bug Chucker!


To launch a bug from your ship, simply tap the screen on the laser aimer, and drag it in the direction you want. While continuing to hold down on the screen in Bug Chucker, pull the launcher out, away from the ship, and let go. Woosh! Off goes your bugs in the direction you aimed. It’s pretty simple at first, however, the addition of gravity fields from nearby planet, loads of obstacles and more make things trick fast in Bug Chucker. Plus, there are different types of bugs waiting to be unlocked, allowing you to try different methods of attack in this artillery-style insectoid game in space.

You can adjust the sound and view credits from the startup, or just jump into the game play. There’ a simple intro level, and from there it is wide open bug launching fun in Bug Chucker.

Bug Chucker

Graphical Layout:

The developers of Bug Chucker use a non-pixel art, realistic and detailed approach to graphics, and it works wonderfully! The bugs, targets, launcher and more are all sharp and detailed, looking great even on non-retina screen devices! The text in-game is easy to read and its style fits right in with the game feel overall.


Bug Chucker has some truly entertaining and unique audio clips and background music. The soundtrack feels like a cross between down-home country and space cowboy beats. It’s lighthearted and fun, perfect for this casual bug-launching game in outer space.


For fans of physics-based launching games like Angry Birds and Tanks, Bug Chucker is a perfect addition. There’s a lot of game play variety and different challenges designed to keep things interesting. Plus, with over 40 fun levels, four different bugs, and multiple possible achievements, it is safe to say that Bug Chucker will keep gamers entertained for quite some time. It isn’t free, but it’s a really affordable app at only $0.99. Grab it from iTunes today and get your bug-launching game on!

Bug Chucker iPhone app requires iOS 3.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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