Bowl Em Hoops Offers Nets, Balls, and Lots of Finger Play

Bowl Em Hoops - Hairy Monster Studios

Price: $.99

Bowl Em Hoops Video App Review

Reviewed By: Luke Patrick

If you were ever a kid—and odds are pretty good you were—then you most likely remember those carnival booths with an array of hoops at one end and a pit of balls at the other. The mad, ball-chucking hilarity that ensues is self-explanatory, and if even mentioning that staple of festival fun makes you wax nostalgic, then Bowl Em Hoops, by developer Hairy Monster Studios, is right up your alley.

How’s it Work?

As stated, Bowl Em Hoops is a direct translation of a classic carnival game to the iPhone’s screen. Alone one end of a digital booth is a set of basketball hoops with point values affixed to their faces. You, at the other end, are charged with hucking balls up a ramp and launching them toward the hoops. Once lofted, they will hopefully hit nothing but net, scoring you mountains of points. However, Bowl Em Hoops isn’t all frivolous ball tossing. A timer along the top of the machine tracks your progress, and the festivities end when it drops to zero. Once it’s game over, your points are tallied up and traded in for tickets, which can be used to purchase prizes.

There’s a reason the gameplay featured in Bowl Em Hoops is a classic: It’s madly addictive. During the course of this review alone I found myself continuously saying, “Oh, just one more! I can beat my score!” No sooner have you finished one game then you feel the uncontrollable urge to start another, and I bloody loved it.

Bowl Em Hoops

How’s it Look?

Even better than it’s gameplay, though, is Bowl Em Hoops’ top-notch design. The app looks and feels exactly like a game booth should, featuring bright lights, tipsy clown music, and rich themes. The physics took some time to get used to, but once mastered I had no problem (sometimes) putting balls where I needed them. The graphics are excellent, and with a handful of unlockable themes available, Bowl Em Hoops’ presentation just can’t be faulted.

How’s it for a Value? I Mean, Will I Play It?

Currently, Bowl Em Hoops is at a dollar in the AppStore, which is unbelievable considering the amount of gameplay offered. With three different game modes, thirty achievements, five themes, ten different balls, and a multitude of other objects to unlock, one could easily spend an entire afternoon with the app. Not only that, but with full Game Center integration, multiplayer is a very real (and fun) option. With so many opportunities to indulge your inner child, and with such quality gameplay, Bowl Em Hoops easily deserves a full five stars and a hearty recommendation. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some hoops to fill and some tickets to spend.

Bowl Em Hoops iPhone app [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 3.1.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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