BloomDots: My God, It’s Full of Stars (and Explosions)

BloomDots - Glass Puppy Inc.

Price: $ .99

BloomDots iPhone Video App Review

BloomDots iPhone App

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

BloomDots, by developer Glass Puppy, is a throwback to the Ye Olden Days of arcade gaming, combining the best elements of Missile Command and Breakout to create a wholly new and inventive game. The iPhone app is an absolute steal, featuring a killer price, rich gameplay and a unique hook that will keep you occupied for hours.


After performing my iPhone app review I found that it was quite hard to nail down exactly what BloomDots is, but perhaps it’s best defined through its predecessors. The iPhone app is a bit like Missile Command, but at the same time is equally a bit like Brick Breaker, or Breakout. BloomDots has you hell-bent on destroying an army of floating lights, which cruise through space like purposeful balloons. Clicking on a dot causes an explosion, which if done right, can create a chain reaction amongst the other floating elements. This means you’ll spend most of your time strategizing and waiting for the right moment to kick off a level-wide explosion.

But the festivities don’t stop there! BloomDots also features a hefty brick-busting mechanic, where in floating dots split up nearby bricks as they go, earning you points. Certain bricks are broken more or less easily than others, while some change the trajectory of the dots themselves. This adds a whole new level to the gameplay, meaning you’ll have to leverage quickly beating the level and busting up bricks to earn points. If you tap too much, though, the game penalizes you, meaning you’ll have to ration your stabs. All in all, BloomDots’ is a wonderful concept that draws from a lot of classics, creating a one-of-a-kind experience on the iPhone.



BloomDots iPhone App

BloomDots for iPhone

Underneath BloomDots’ excellent gameplay is a wicked sci-fi art style. The game is set in space (presumably so the dots are free to float about as they like) and the developers have opted to compliment this setting with a rich space-yard theme. As you play, both ships and interstellar junk will float by, creating a delightfully futuristic atmosphere. The game elements themselves look nice, as well: Dots and explosions are crisp, while backgrounds and boxes have obviously been given a great deal of attention. Navigating menus is a snap, and the in-app documentation will answer any questions you have about gameplay.

Overall Value

Offering a unique gameplay style that’s just as challenging as it is fun—as well as sporting full integration with Open Feint and Game Center for all you achievement hounds—BloomDots is an absolute steal, especially considering its one dollar pricing in the AppStore. The game features 120 levels, a rich game mechanic, and an incredible amount of depth. BloomDots deserves a full five star rating, and we give it a hearty recommendation to boot. This app will feel right at home in any iOS gamer’s device, and you owe it to yourself to check BloomDots out.

BloomDots requires iOS 3.2.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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