Weekly iPhone Apps Roundup: Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of The Week

Reviewed By: Luke Patrick


It’s been raining cats, dogs, and iPhone apps here at the iPhone App Review, and we’ve been racing to keep up with all the awesome applications launching with vigor. We’ve got your Top 5 iPhone App Roundup waiting for you after the break, but before diving into the meat and potatoes of things, have a sneak peek at some of the great reviews we covered this week.

This Week’s Stand-Out Apps

We had the pleasure of looking at two educational apps this week, each with its own unique (and decidedly adorable) twist: ABC Baby Animals is a great way to teach your kids the alphabet using cute chicks, cubs, and calves, while iLearn with Poko: Seasons! is a top-notch replacement for traditional children’s literature. If you’re looking for an education in globe-trotting, check out the Kurtz-Ahlers & Associates Destinations app, an all-out guide to some of the coolest cities on the planet.

Some of our favorite games this week were Sudoku Puzzle Packs, which comes crammed to the gills with punchy puzzling action, and Thick Lips (not an Angelina Jolie joke, we promise) which brings the mad fun of Whack-A-Mole to the iPhone.

That’s our sneak peek for the week, but don’t think we’re calling it quits, yet: No, we’re just getting started! Hit us up after the break for a full look at our Top 5 iPhone Apps for May 27.

Top 5 iPhone Apps of the Week

Hound iPhone App
Hound iPhone app


Hound – Free

One of the first (and coolest) innovations on the iPhone was Shazam, a free app that could listen to any song playing in the grocery store, take a sample to the internet, and then return with the exact track, artist, and album. Others came later, like Soundhound, who has now flipped the tables with their latest offering, Hound.

This killer iPhone app is essentially a souped-up voice search, but when it’s this beautiful on the iPhone’s Retina Display, we don’t care. Users simply speak an artist, track, or album query, and the app transcodes your words, takes them to the cloud, and then returns with more information than you can shake a stick at.

Hound is a neat premise, and even though it’s still got some growing room, this app is an example of true iOS innovation.

Zaarly iPhone App

Zaarly iPhone App


Zaarly – Free

Though not yet a Craig’s List killer, Zaarly is certainly an app to keep an eye on. This mobile wonder offers brilliant local trading and goods searching services on par with that peace-signed behemoth. Zaarly uses your location data to connect you with local requests for services or objects. If you make a request, the app checks nearby for anyone selling what you want, and vice-versa. It’s simple, it’s free, and it looks gorgeous on the iPhone. It’s still a bit weak in numbers at the moment, but given a few months, Zaarly will be a blossoming powerhouse.

Foodish iPhone App

Foodish iPhone App


Foodish – $1.99

Whether you’re on a diet, or just someone who likes to take meal photos, Foodish is an app with your name on it. The app is an attractively simple way to track your diet and eating habits. Simply take a picture of each meal, and the app displays those photos on a scrollable board for your review later.

Foodish doesn’t focus on calories, nor will it try to guilt you into eating less. The app does give you the option to put a happy or sad face on each meal, and then track your progress on a graph later. However, the emphasis is still on you—as the dieter—to review your food stuffs and decide for yourself how healthy you really are.

Sonar iPhone App

Sonar iPhone App


Sonar – Free

Have you ever walked into a room full of people, and then wondered what connections you were missing? In todays shrinking world, we’re forging more and more digital bonds with our fellow man, and apps like Sonar are starting to take advantage of this.

The app is a Foursquare-centered delight that uses your location and social networking data to determine connections with those around you. If anyone else in the room is a Foursquare user, the app will comb their attached information and tell you if you’ve got any friends, businesses, or tastes in common. It’s a neat, novel and completely free concept that’s worth checking out.


LeafSnap iPhone App

LeafSnap iPhone App


Leafsnap – Free

Fresh from a team at Columbia University is a free utility called Leafsnap. This innovative on the iPhone and iPad wants you to get back in touch with nature. The app allows you to scan any picked leaf to be analyzed by the app’s database for a match. If one is found, you can add it to your personal collection, and peruse the provided information. It’s a nifty and modern way to learn more about your natural surroundings—and a reason to tear yourself away from the Playstation, too!

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