Weekly iPhone Apps Roundup: Top 5 Apps of The Week

Reviewed By: Luke Patrick

The astute among you maybe have noticed that we failed to post our  Top 5 last week, but have no fear! We were simply inundated with good apps to review and exhausted all efforts to fulfill this coverage.

Last Week’s Stand-Out Apps

As usual, we featured a ton of good apps this week. Certain members of the staff, who spent their childhood in the Caribbean, urge you to check out Bluewaterpages: Caribbean Yellow Pages, a great way to find your island groove on the mainland. Speaking of groove, we also detailed how BeatFactor can up the anty on your practice session. We also showed you how to get your tilt on with Splash’s gyrating gameplay. Not only that, be we also took a look at Cyan Worlds’ (of Myst fame) entry onto the iPhone with Bug Chucker. And to top it all off, we even took the time to explain how the busty action that My Clinic offers will quickly eat up your free time.

Think that’s all? Not even close. We’re just getting started. Check us out after the break for a full-featured look at our Top 5 iPhone apps for the week ending May 20.

Top 5 iPhone Apps of Last Week

Photoforge 2

PhotoForge 2 – $2.99

Fresh out of the shoot this week is PhotoForge 2, an all-out Photoshop replacement for the iPhone. If you’re sick of not being able to edit your photos like a champ while on the go, PhotoForge 2 has your back like a chiropractor.

This three-dollar bad boy embraces the full power of color correction, level adjustment, cropping bliss, resizing splendor, and—most importantly—layers. On top of all that, you can even add photo filters to get that super cool retro look on your embarrassing bar photo. And at a cool three bucks, it’s a right steal.


The Final Days of Portal 2


The Fina Hours of Portal 2 – $1.99

If you’re like us, you’re total geeks for Valve’s latest release, Portal 2. If you’re even more like us, you want to know exactly how that hunk of steamy gaming goodness was shoved together. Thankfully, an enterprising journalist named Geoff Keighley put together The Final Hours of Portal 2, giving you an in-depth iPad 2 look at how the game was made in the eleventh hour.

The iPad app has everything you need to know about the game’s creation, including photos, videos, interviews, and multi-media goodies concerning both the developers and the studio itself. If you ever wondered just how that certain Portal 2 level was made, it’s logged somewhere in this 15,000 word tome waiting to be discovered (and at a cheap $1.99 price, too).



SnagFilm – Free

We’ll admit it—we’ve used our Netflix account more for catching up on Family Guy reruns than we have documentaries. Thankfully, there’s now a free, and awesome, way to load up on your modern-age learning. It’s name: SnagFilm.

SnagFilm is a collection of over 80 music, social, and political documentaries just waiting for you to come along. All of these films are free, meaning you won’t be set back a dime for doing a little learning. The app collects a multitude of docs from just about everywhere, saving them in one convenient place for your lazy bum to take a look at. And it’s free, meaning you now have no excuse to not see SuperSize Me.

Dark Horse Comics



Dark Horse Comics – Free

We’re going out on a limb here, but we bet you’re secretly a comic book nerd like us. No need to own up to it now, though. Instead, just take a look at Dark Horse Comics for the iPad and iPhone. You can always thank us later.

Dark Horse is slinging comics out like rain these days, all of which can be had here in full-color splendor starting at a mere dollar an issue.

If you’ve got a favorite series, or just want some comics, you can’t go wrong with this official offering for the iPone.




Shine – $.99

Whether you’re new to iOS or not, one thing is pretty apparent about iPhone apps: Finding a good weather app is a right of passage. Allow us to help you along your path by making one simple suggestion: Just buy Shine.

Shine is a $ .99 beauty in the AppStore, featuring a slick interface that’s simple and intuitive. Gone are clumsy radars, messy ten-day forecasts, and all of that other bollocks you’ve come to expect from the bigger, heavier hitters (not mentioning any names, but it’s like some Weather apps think they have their own channel). Shine is a perfect example of modern simplicity, and at such a cheap price, you’ll never look back again—or twice at the weather, for that matter. Once is enough with this awesome, cheap app.



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