Animal Alphabet HD: Loads of Letters for Littles


Price: $1.99

Reviewed By: Luke Patrick


We never tire of seeing good education apps for iOS, and Animal Alphabet HD, by Fish The Mouse Media, is certainly no exception. This iPad app features beautiful hand-drawn paintings and an intuitive learning system to teach your child the alphabet. If you’re a parent looking to enliven your child’s learning experience with modern technology, Animal Alphabet HD is a great place to start.


The primary function of Animal Alphabet HD is extremely simple: To teach your child the alphabet using animals whose names begin with the letter in question. For instance, talking about the letter P produces an illustration of a porcupine, all while the narrator talks (very) alliteratively  with that letter to illustrate its sound. Your child can either pick a letter from a large spread of the whole alphabet, or skip from one to the other by pressing two lady bugs that rest along the bottom right and bottom left.

Each animal offered is gorgeously hand drawn by artist Norm Magnusson, and the paintings are fully interactive. Your child will have a blast poking and prodding the animals to uncover new animations and engaging elements, of which there seem to be an infinite number.


Animal Alphabet HD

The largest boon of this very strong app is its stellar design. Animal Alphabet HD, as stated, has some incredible artwork that both you and your child will enjoy. Likewise, navigating the app’s menus and information is astoundingly simple. Swapping between letters, or returning the full alphabet, is as easy as clicking once and waiting. We see this simplicity in many other educational apps, but what sets Animal Alphabet HD apart is the manner in which it presents itself: Almost everything is covered in an interactive element that moves, talks, or sings when prodded. That means doing something as banal as returning to the menu produces an engaging animation that will make your child smile. I can’t think of a better way to present learning to children than this, and I am genuinely floored by the effort put into Animal Alphabet HD. However, I do wish the circus-themed music weren’t always on, but that’s certainly a trite complaint when compared to the whole that this app offers.


Animal Alphabet HD rests very firmly in what I believe to be its pricing sweet-spot: The app is currently $1.99 in the AppStore. The hours of entertainment and beautiful design offered here make every penny worthwhile, and in fact might make this app much more valuable than the price of entry. Animal Alphabet HD is a steal and a squeal for your child, and it deserves a very hearty recommendation.

Animal Alphabet HD iPad app requires iOS 3.2 or later. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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