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Take the Guess Work Out of Creating Brilliant Photo Slideshows with Amoveo

Tweet   Price: $2.99 Rating: Sharing pictures with your friends and relatives can be a complicated process, especially if you want to make the photos really pop with presentation. Want great photo presentation results without all the effort? Amoveo iPhone app from Eternal Empire Inc. can create a custom photo slide show video that displays […]


Profile Pro: Moving Out of Little League Facebook

Tweet   Price: $ .99 Rating: I don’t know who started it but the Facebook trend of using your tagged photos to make a single-picture spread has certainly become viral. To keep up with the virtual Joneses you’ll need your own souped-up profile page, and to help out, developer Opera Apps has provided all the […]


Logic Puzzles HD: Sending You X’s and O’s

Tweet   Price: $3.99 Rating: Remember those puzzles you used to play as a kid? The ones with all the confusing grids, and the bizarre narrative clues that had you putting X’s and O’s on the spots where so-and-so did this-and-that but not there-and-there? If you don’t, PunkStar Studios’ Logic Puzzles HD is the perfect […]