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Notebook Ninja: a Wicked Five Star Throwing Universal App

Tweet   Price: $.99 Rating: Notebook Ninja Video App Review   Notebook Ninja, by the deliciously named developer Proton Reactor, offers truly original gameplay for both the iPhone and iPad. The game is a bit short (even with the additional five levels introduced by the latest update) but if you’re looking for a real up-and-comer […]


New Sokoban: Out With the Old, in With New Brain-Busting

Tweet   Price: Free Rating: New Sokoban Video App Review   New Sokoban iPhone app, which has been carefully crafted by developer Toni Sala, offers a fresh breath of Sokoban gameplay on the iPhone. Each of its fifty levels are brilliantly designed to tease your brain and relax your spirit. If you’re looking for the […]