Wild Zoombies are Invading – Can You Bury Them Before They Bury You?

Reviewed By: Philip Chan

Zoombie Digger - Crazy Bit


Price: $.99

Can you dig, shoot, blow-up and burn the horde of beasts before they get to your house? Take them all on with Zoombie Digger, by Crazy Bit, for the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad today!

Zoombies are essentially animal zombies and they come in all shapes and sizes. Expect the ridiculous, with zombies attacking on pogo sticks, skateboards, even flying in on kamikaze rocket attacks! You’ll start out with a shovel to dig holes and bury the incoming monsters (some need larger graves than others), plus you can buy all kinds of crazy defense gadgets in-between levels, including bombs, slingshots, lasers and more. Zoombie Digger offers  different types of weapons and 6 super weapons, plus monstrous unique bosses to use them on!


Tap on your item (it’s set as Shovel by default) to select it and tap on the ground or the enemy to use it. It gets very fast paced after a few levels and you will need to be pretty dexterous to keep up with the hordes of zombies. I had a little bit of a problem in switching quickly between weapons, a little frustrating when zoombies on rockets were soaring across the screen at my base. However, the controls are pretty simple for the most part and allow you to adequately fight off the hordes, albeit frantically.

Graphical Layout:

Zoombie Digger

Bright colors, flashy monsters and cartoony vector backgrounds is pretty much the mainstay of Zoombie Digger. It’s definitely cartoonier than other tower-defence style games like Plants vs Zombies, but the style of art works great for this app. The zoombies get blown up, damanged and maimed pretty intensely too. Expect plenty of exploding animals and blood while playing this app. Fans of the animated Happy Tree Friends should really like this app, as it mixes cute, cartoony graphics with plenty of visceral action.


There is a cheerful, almost jungle-themed, music beat that welcomes users to Zoombie
Digger. It is really catchy and sets a nice tone for the crazy action in this fun game app for the iOS. Sounds effects on levels are great too, but the music can get a little repetitive after a while (although you will probably be too busy fighting off the animal zombies to notice one way or the other)!


Defense style games are super popular on the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone, and for good reason. The easy of picking up this style of gameplay and playing through a few levels is really addicting. Zoombie Digger takes this successful formula and applies it to a humorous cartoon horror concept, with great results. It’s also priced fairly low at $0.99 and you’ll get a lot of playtime out of it with over 40 levels, and 5 different gaming environments. If you love tower defense or similar defense-style games, be sure to get Zoombie Digger.

Zoombie Digger iPhone app [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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Zoombie Digger iPhone Video Demo

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