You Got The Blobs in my Tilting Maze! You Got Tilting Maze in my Blobs!

Reviewed By: Luke Patrick

The BLOBS! - The Game Creators


Price: $.99

Remember those wooden marble mazes you received as a child? You know, the kind Father Christmas would leave under the tree for you to smash to bits by Boxing Day out of frustration? The Blobs (by the aptly named developer The Game Creators) is exactly like those tilting mazes from your youth, only harder, greener, and infinitely more fun than you remember.


I appreciate any game that offers up a narrative, especially one that comes with illustrations. Like Angry Birds, The Blobs offers a cute, hand-drawn explanation of the game’s story, in which you see the Blob family in their natural state, sunning on the beach just before an meteor strike. After the tragedy occurs, the entire clan is split up, presumably to the far corners of the globe. It is now up to you—Brother Blob—to find the other Blobs, rescue them, and restore order.

How is this done? you might ask. The answer is simple: Lots of tilting, mazes, robots, traps, spiked-platforms, portals, and other deliciously challenging delights. As mentioned before, the gameplay is set around gravity-based marble puzzles that have existed for ages. By tilting your iDevice, you send Brother Blob rolling down a corridor, or into corners, or—as was my habit—into unpleasantries like deathly holes, or murderous robots. To complete the level, Brother Blob must be guided to the the portal at the end of the maze without harm. Along the way, there are three stars per level for you to collect, though if you choose not to, there’s no penalty. According to The Blobs’ spot in the App Store, the game features over 120 levels, each of which is filled with hazards that must be avoided as you roll past. It’s all very challenging, but extremely rewarding.


The Blobs


I truly loved the opening animation, and the art-style of the game is every bit as pleasant. The colors are soothing, and Brother Bob’s motions are well done, too. As he oozes and rolls his way through the various worlds, his little green body shifts and morphs to match his speed and his surroundings, creating a very pleasing look. The soundtrack is also peppy, and the sound effects spot on.

Fun and Value:

At $ .99 in the US App Store (that’s £ .59 for all you UK App-heads) The Blobs offers a wealth of challenging gameplay for a very small fee. My only complaint with the game is how hard it is. The game offers you three free passes that can be used to skip any level, with more available for purchase, if that tells you anything. However, a challenge is always welcome, and if you are a fan of well-designed games (or those ye olden marble tilt puzzles) The Blobs is a wonderful addition to your Games folder.

The Blobs iPhone app [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 4.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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