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Reviewed By: Philip Chan

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From Russian developer PlayFo comes Tap the Frog, a fast-paced set of speed challenges involving everyone’s favorite colorful amphibian. I got my hands on an early release copy of Tap the Frog, but gamers can expect it to hit the Apple iTunes Store today! Keep your eyes open and your hands ready for this awesome frog mini game app!

Tap the Frog iPhone app is set around a load of mini challenges, each featuring all kinds of cute frogs. There is all kinds of different mini games in Tap the Frog; it is really impressive what PlayFo has managed to do with such a simple concept. Tap the Frog even has basic math speed minigames (tap one frog for the correct answer, the other if the math statement is incorrect).


Tap, Tap, Tap! That’s Tap the Frog for you, with very easy to use controls. The key is speed and gamers who enjoy reflex style games will certainly feel at home with Tap the Frog. Follow the onscreen instructions then jump into the frog speed challenge presented to you, be it rapidly tapping each frog a certain number of times, speeding the driver frog across the finish line, or seeing how many frogs you can pop in just 5 seconds.

Tap the Frog

Graphical Layout:


I was able to jump right into the game without any confusion and start popping, racing and tapping frogs immediately. Layout is top-notch and the graphics of Tap the Frog are excellent! PlayFo has gone for a cartoony, simple approach to graphics in Tap the Frog, and the style perfectly fits the multitude of light mini games found within.


I LOVE the Tap the Frog music! It’s light and bouncy, perfect for the frantic mini games. Tap the Frog doesn’t try to take itself too seriously and the sound effects are just fitting for the good-natured theme of this fun app.


Tap the Frog is certainly a great deal for gamers looking for a light gaming app for thie iOS device, be it an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. With 16 mini games and more on the way (according to this post), Tap the Frog is a fun-filled casual iOS game with plenty of entertainment for all. There is also several badges that players can earn, further boosting Tap the Frogs replay value.

Tap the Frog iPhone app [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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Tap the Frog iPhone Video Demo

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