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Reviewed By: Philip Chan

Stamp Art Fever - Francesco Chessari


Price: Free

As a child, collecting stamps was one of my favorite hobbies. Fast forward many years and you will find that I still keep up with the hobby of saving old and unique stamps in my stamp book. Stamp Art Fever iPhone app, from Francesco Chessari, is perfect game app for stamp collector fans!

With Stamp Art Fever, you can collect a huge assortment of virtual stamps, share them with your friends, trade with other games, sell them through the in-game Shop or Black Market, and compete in contests against other collectors. It’s an outstanding app for the virtual side of the stamp collecting hobby and is available for free through the iTunes Store.


You’ll need a Game Center account on your iOS device, plus an active network connection to really play this collector app at its best. Game Center tracks your achievements (currently there is 37 different possible achievements and also various points to earn) and your leader board ranking. The game doesn’t have a huge community (Game Center shows it at 1016 players as of today) but it does have a very active group of players, helping keep the game interesting.

There’s an array of screens that gamers will have to navigate for Stamp Art Fever. From the intro screen, you can select to check your mailbox (you’ll randomly get free stamps in the mail), view your collection of stamps, shop, hit the black market, view the most wanted stamps, enter into the stamp lottery or auction house, view challenges and edit your in game options. It’s fairly easy to navigate and the screens load pretty quickly between pages. On startup, you’ll usually be presented with an ad (often it’s advertising another app, if you install that app you’ll be rewarded with in-game coins for Stamp Art Fever). There’s also a “basket” icon that you can tap to access a complete list of apps for which you’ll be rewarded for downloading and installing.

Stamp Art Fever

Graphical Layout:

Stamp Art Fever has a slightly steam-punk theme, or retro theme and it looks great! I was especially impressed with the custom art on the stamps, with over 200 pieces of original artwork. The layout is very logical and it’s easy to figure your way around. My only complaint is with the shopping and black market aspect-I couldn’t find how much money I currently had on either page, making it a little more difficult to gauge how much I could safely spend.


There is a gentle, fitting music soundtrack that alternates upon startup in Stamp Art Fever. It’s relaxing, interesting and fits Stamp Art Fever’s game theme nicely.


For some people, collecting stamps may sound like utter boredom, but it’s actually really fun. The world of stamp collecting offers some truly unique rewards and it’s a hobby accessible to most people. Stamp Art Fever takes this a step farther with their fun game of virtual stamp collecting and it is certainly a great way to get into the hobby. While the app is free, there is a virtual store where you can pay real money to purchase more in-game coins. Current prices range from $0.99 for 20,00 coins to $14.99 for 450,000 coins.

With the latest update, Version 4.0, new features like Collector Challenges and two new themed of custom stamps and artwork, Stamp Art Fever is certainly a growing game! Although the community is rather small, they seem to be pretty active and the developers seem to be really dedicated to Stamp Art Fever, a winning combination for everyone.

Stamp Art Fever iPhone app [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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