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Reviewed By: Luke Patrick

RotationRuler - ClickConnect GmbH

Price: $.99

If anything can be said about the iPhone, it’s surely that the device is now ubiquitous. It seems like everyone has an iDevice strapped to their hip, and with more and more users picking up what Apple is laying down, it’s iPhone apps, like RotationRuler, by ClickConnect, that keep the innovation—and usefulness—of the smartphone rolling.

Use and Features:

What RotationRuler aims to do is simple: Turn your iPhone into an easy-to-use, one-size-fits-all tape measurer. If your first reaction is one of disbelief, you’re not alone: I was puzzled, and curious, as well. But how the app works its magic is actually quite simple. Inside an iPhone there is a motion sensor detecting the device’s every move. What RotationRuler has done is calculate exactly how far your phone travels when it makes a one-hundred and eighty degree turn along its side, a measurement it takes using the built-in motion sensor. Because of the app’s smart calculations, Handy Men (and Women) the world over can now roll their iPhones along any surface and calculate, fairly accurately, how long the range is.

The more I used RotationRuler, the more I liked the concept it had to offer. I myself am not a tool-head, and very rarely have to measure anything. However, I can easily see how RotationRuler would hold its own in the work place. With hardy cases like the Otterbox in full proliferation, rolling an iPhone along any surface for a quick measurement is certainly practical. And if spinning phones just isn’t how you roll, the developers have also included a pull style measurement system, in which the iPhone is dragged along on its back to perform calculations. All in all, the features offered worked wonderfully, and for quick measurements, I can’t imagine an easier method than simply whipping out an iPhone and spinning it to and fro.


rotationruler iphone app

RotationRuler App

RotationRuler’s design is as simple as a single button. Once booted, all the user has to do is hit start and get to spinning. I thought this a good move, as a cluttered interface would serve no purpose when a quick length check is in order. I also appreciated the clean interface and smooth yellow background reminiscent of DeWalt power tools and construction hats. The in-app rulers themselves looked very realistic, and were, of course, cut to scale.

Value and Accuracy:

At the end of the day, will RotationRuler replace your tried and true tape measurer? The answer: Well, it depends. Though RotationRuler is as accurate as it could possibly be—kudos to the developers—its still best for quick measurements when you’re out and about. However, the ability to save and name measurements is a tremendous boon. And at a dollar, this useful little utility with an impeccable interface is certainly a Handy Man’s dream, and a great value.

RotationRuler [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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RotationRuler iPhone Video Demo

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