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Reviewed By: Philip Chan

Rotate a Shape - Infinite Wheel Ltd


Price: $.99

Do you love the iOS games that use the motion sensitive tilt controls? If so, than check out Rotate a Shape iPhone app, from developer Infinite Wheel. It’s a light-hearted and fun game app, compatible with iOS 4.1 or later.

What is the basic premise? Bounce all the Sprites back to the safety of space with Rotate a Shape! Gamers are tasked with using the motion sensitive tilt axis of the iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad to rotate a variety of challenging and colorful shapes (blocks, cubes, etc) , sending the incoming Sprites bouncing off the screen, away from the dangers of Earth’s universe. Gamers can use either the touch screen or the tilt controls to keep the objects in motion and launching the Sprites away from earth.


Controls in-game worked fine for Rotate a Shape, and this is of course most important. However, outside of game (i.e. the options, sound, intro screen menu) controls felt laggy. They didn’t respond well to my touch screen selections quickly. However, once in game, the tilt motion sensitive shapes responded fine, blasting the Sprites back into space with ease.

Graphical Layout:

Rotate a Shape

The Sprites look slightly odd. They seem like a cross between Sonic and Pokémon. Of course, if they are supposed to be some sort of ethereal being, than perhaps it makes sense for them to be so non-distinct. It’s an overall cartoony game graphic style mixed with 3D objects, and it fits the games concept fairly well.



The intro beat is awesome but it is far too short. It constantly loops, with a very obvious cut, and gets annoying pretty fast. A longer intro soundtrack would be much appreciated.

However, once the game actually gets going, the soundtrack improves dramatically. A few extra beats, spiced up quite a bit, are overlaid over the intro beat and the effect is quite nice. Don’t mess up with bouncing the aliens into space, or you’ll be greeted by dingy pots and pan noises, or, even worse, a warning alarm that you are nearing a game over!


Rotate a Shape takes a unique gaming concept and applies to a humorous, if light, storyline. The game play is  certainly not generic (I can’t think of any other apps on the market like Rotate a Shape). Also, it is priced fairly low at $0.99.

Rotate a Shape iPhone app [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS4.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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Rotate a Shape iPhone Video Demo

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