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Reviewed By: Philip Chan

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Price: $14.99

Do you have a stamp, coin or similar collection that you would like to organize and keep track of electronically? Try out RJR Collections Pro, from RJR Software, as a great way to sort your entire collection, be it of collectable trading cards, antique fishing lures, toy soldiers or any other collectable item.


At its core, RJR Collections Pro is a productivity tool for collectors to organize their collections with. These collections can be coins, stamps, paintings, cars, badges, fishing lures, etc. Users can add all sorts of different collections, name the collection, then edit the collection structure (text, images, audio info, date, time, etc through the app. Users can then add their various valuables to the collection and even select photos on their iOS device to be included for each item (definitely a must-have feature). It’s an interesting concept and a fairly compact way to organize your collections, plus take them with you virtually to show friends and family.

One sweet feature of RJR Collections Pro is the large number of languages it is available in, allowing hobbyists from all over the world to use this app. RJR Collections Pro is offered in English, Spanish, Russian, German, Polish, Italian and French, making it a very global app.
Being able to backup and secure my files on my collections is very important, and RJR Collections Pro allowed me to do that through their online server function. I was pretty impressed with this function of RJR Collections Pro, as it let me create restore copies that I could then access from any computer on my web browser.

Security is also fairly well featured in RJR Collections Pro, as users can password their collections to keep them private at startup.

RJR Collections PRO

Graphical Layout:

Of course, being able to actually see your collection is one of the best parts about it, and RJR Collections Pro allows you to easily upload photos and images from your own image files for your collections and individual items.

Ease of Use:

I found RJR Collections Pro a little tricky to figure out at first. There isn’t a lot of tutorial options at the startup and it feels a little overwhelming for new users in the beginning. RJR Collections Pro does include a sample collection of Russian Coins for the user to peruse and get used to the organization system used in the app. There is also a Help section, hidden under the Settings tab, but it’s still a little tough to get used to at first.


Serious hobbyists will undoubtedly benefit from the array of organizational features offered by RJR Collections Pro. Being able to take one’s collections on the road with them, virtually, is a cool feature, perhaps even better realized on larger, more high-resolution devices like the iPad. RJR Collections Pro is an expensive app, selling for $14.99 through iTunes. If this price is a little unsettling, consider trying the Free and Lite versions of RJR Collections Pro, with more limited options.

RJR Collections Pro  [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 3.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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