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Reviewed By: Luke Patrick

Ricochet: YouTube's Best Handpicked Videos - Dan Kim


Price: $2.99

With the ever increasing presence of services like AdMob and promoted videos, YouTube just ain’t the live-free-and-laugh-hard environment it once was. Getting to the good stuff relies on complicated algorithms that are never quite up to par, and more time than most of us have. But if you feel like your YouTube minutes could be better wasted, then you’ll absolutely adore the iPhone app Ricochet: YouTube’s Best Handpicked Videos, by developer Dan Kim.

Function and Design

The idea behind Ricochet is wonderfully simple: Two people combing YouTube for what’s hilarious is bound to yield better results than any computer algorithm. The end result is a plethora of hand-selected videos that are guaranteed to be good. That’s the app’s promise, and without fail, it delivers.

The app looks a whole lot like the native YouTube app, but then again, the YouTube app looks a lot like any other standard iOS fare. I liked how familiar the design felt, and the menus were crisp on both the iPhone and iPad. Looks are everything when visual media is your product, and the makers of Ricochet have done a fantastic job making categories, videos, and your own handpicked videos easily accessible with very few clicks. Ricochet’s minimalistic design presents videos in a fun and manageable way, and I could not be happier with the app’s presentation.

Fun and Features

Ricochet App

As stated on the developer’s website, Ricochet’s hidden agenda is to improve your five to ten minute breaks during the day with better videos and less hunting on YouTube. I can confidently say with every critical bone in my body that they’ve done exactly that. Ricochet offers heaps of quality videos that will you have you saying, “Oh, just one more, then I’ll stop,” until you’ve exhausted whole categories. Thankfully, there are plenty more categories to choose from—animals, fails, funny, music, etc.—meaning you’ll never actually have to stop watching.

It’s immensely fun, and with the included share feature, it’s every bit as easy to spam your Twitter followers with videos as it is to actually watch them. Likewise, you can save a video for later by favoring it. The YouTube gems you select are stashed away in your favorites folder, and you can return to them as little—or as much—as you’d like. If you spend loads of time on YouTube, or just like a solid laugh during your short breaks, Ricochet certainly brings a lot to the table.

Overall Value

Ricochet is priced at a semi-modest $2.99 in the App Store, but there’s a skinnier Lite version available for you to try first, if you’d like. But with the amount of quality videos Ricochet is offering, your App money will carry you through many small breaks, or even whole hours of fun, making this app a great value.

Ricochet iPhone app [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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