Photosynth Lands on iPhone – Windows Phone 7 Users Drool

Reviewed by Jon Li

Photosynth - Microsoft Corporation


Price: Free

The champ of iPhone panorama apps, 360 Panorama, has some fierce competition. Microsoft enters the panorama space with Photosynth. And while we will delve into the overall functionality and app details, I must first pause, scratch my head, and ask; What is Microsoft thinking?

Don’t get me wrong, I rather enjoy that Microsoft values iOS users and wishes to share their technology with iOS devices, however, with Windows Phone 7 in the wild, I am rather shocked that they did not release Photosynth first to their direct audience, or minimally launch the app on Windows Phone and the iPhone simultaneously. As my title suggests, for now Windows Phone 7 can only drool over a splendid app that they are unable to access.


Microsoft has largely knocked the ball out of the park with Photosynth. The iPhone app allows you to capture 360 degrees of images, and stitch the images together to create a panoramic photo. Thereafter, they have implemented social media elements, thus allowing easy and intuitive sharing via Facebook, Bing Maps, and more.



Photosynth offers an interactive capture option that allows you to capture images in all directions, including up and down, with full-sphere panoramas. The app then processes the images to give you immediate results, so that you may promptly view your panoramic photo. Thereafter you are able to utilize their image stitching engine to produce high-res files.


Photosynth is free, and with the robust features, and stellar technology that Microsoft has packed into this app, coupled with the easy to use sharing options, I find this to be a true value and very much worthy of a free download.

Photosynth [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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