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Reviewed By: Philip Chan

Photographer - Illya Alvarado Diaz


Price: $2.99

Professional photographers are often dealing with varied customer bases, multiple events and scattered schedules. Keeping everything organized is extremely important, even for small-time photographers. Photographer app for the iOS offers a quick and easily accessible means of doing this. Contacts, clients, events and more are all handled through Photographer iPhone app, leaving you more time to take awesome photos!


Photographer has categories for Weddings, Fashion, Clients and general photo sessions. Under weddings and general photo sessions, you organize your photo ops by seasons (Winter 2010, etc), and then add in events under this seasonal category. The Fashion function is interesting, as it allows you to list your models, along with a photo of them, contact info, body sizes (hips, height, weight, shoe size, and so on), and your photo styles with them. Oddly, there is two sections labeled as “Reports”, but the first one will take you to your list of general photo shoots, while the second is a client list. Clients are added from your initial photo sessions, allowing you to browse them easily and not have to re-enter them in a separate contact folder.

I liked the address maps function found in Photographer. For weddings, events and even for your models, you can add in a contact or location address. Tapping on that address when browsing your lists will load Google Maps on your iOS device (provided you have an active network connection), allowing you to quickly find the location in question. Unfortunately, this feature didn’t always work for me. Occasionally, I would get a “Please input valid address” error, when I was clearly putting in a valid address.



Photographer has a dark, rather dimly-lit design, but perhaps it is meant to invoke the memories of photo development rooms of old. Everything is very professional-appearing and easy to navigate; I was impressed with the layout all the way around in Photographer. If you want to add photos of your models to the contact info, you must have an iOS device with a camera.

Ease of Use:

In case you are worried about losing your contacts and photo info, Photographer app has a quick guide on backing up your files via iTunes. That gives me more peace of mind, but I would also like to see a spreadsheet-style export option, or similar feature for easy transfer to my computer, or to email it to contacts if needed.

Adding new sessions and clients, browsing and just simply getting used to Photographer is quite easy. There’s a lot of depth to Photographer but it isn’t too hard to figure out.


Photographer iPhone app is moderately priced at $2.99. Pro’s and budding photographers alike may very well find Photographer to be an excellent choice for keeping their work in order. I haven’t found any other apps out there for pic fans like Photographer, and those in the professional realm of photography will probably benefit from using it. The developer has taken steps to make it a very useful app, and this certainly is seen by the array of options and customizable choices in Photographer. If you are a pro, semi-pro, or just occasional photographer for portraits, models, families or weddings, consider Photographer app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Photographer iPhone app  [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 3.1.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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