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Reviewed By: Philip Chan

Motocycle Rides GPS - Daniel J Harman


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Tackle the wild expanses and open roads on your motorcycle with Motocycle Rides GPS. Available for New Zealand and Australian bikers, Motocycle Rides GPS is a feature-filled iOS app designed to help plan, sort and keep track of motorcycle trips across this region of the world.


Motocycle Rides GPS offers a lot of useful options for biker fans in Australia and New Zealand. There is an included trip planner, with a list of rides that may be chosen to be then added to the itinerary. After finished a great motorcycle ride, bike enthusiasts can add their recorded saves of their rides to Motocycle Rides GPS app for future reference.

You can choose your rides based on location, and then scroll through several categories to choose the region you have in mind (New South Wales, Barossa Valley, etc). From here, a list of suggested rides in the region will appear for easy browsing. There’s handy ride summaries and other included info, helping you choose which rides sound the most interesting and convenient (or just plain wild and fun) for you and your biker friends.  Users can also email, text or post to Twitter their ride selections. Of course, you can also use the built-in GPS on your iOS device to search for nearby rides as well (not an option on devices without a GPS).

Turn on the GPS Track Recorder and keep your iOS device with you while on the ride, to allow GPS Ride Record function of Motocycle Rides GPS to work. When complete, you’ll have a recording of your route, something you can save and add info to for future reference, or to share with fellow bikers.

Hopefully the developers will include options for fans living out of New Zealand or Austrailia in the near future. This app has a lot of power and it would be wonderful to see it used elsewhere too!

Motocycle Rides GPS

Graphical Layout:

Motocycle Rides GPS has a sharp, appealing layout that is easy to navigate and fairly simply to adjust to. Large icons for each of the main options (Rides, Saved Trips, etc) all definitively indicate the subcategory, making browsing a snap.

There are even onboard ride videos of certain motorcycle routes. These were really helpful in giving a taste of exactly what a ride may or may not entail, all without having to leave one’s house. The videos are surpassingly good quality and certainly add to the value of this sweet biking app.

Ease of Use:

I really liked the addition of the Google Maps ride feature. It is one thing to discuss and read about a ride, but actually seeing the layout and location on a map as robust as Google Maps was a wonderful (and very necessary!) touch.

It might be a little awkward to keep your iOS device easily accessible while on your ride, but several enterprising bikers have come up with a handy solution for mounting it on your bike, check it out here.


For New Zealand and Australian bikers, Motocycle Rides GPS is a must-have app. I can’t imagine going without it and its wonderful features. The vast expanses of land available for motorcycle fans to cruise in this part of the world is really awesome, and Motocycle Rides GPS helps organize and save your trips for even greater adventures. Hopefully, the developers will come out with similar apps for motorcyclists in other parts of the world soon!

Motocycle Rides GPS iPhone app [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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