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Maui Revealed Video App Review

Reviewed By: Jon Li

Previously, those planning a trip to Maui would bring their tanning lotion, sun glasses, a variety of maps, guide books, trip-ticks, and things to do guides. Today, however, you can leave the plethora of guide books and literature at home, thanks to the Maui Revealed iPhone app.

Maui Revealed is of course available in a book format, and this has been a highly respected resource for many years. However, for me personally, I prefer not to travel with many books in hand, and I would also rather not tip off that I am a tourist by walking around with a travel guide in hand.  Thus, the Maui Revealed iPhone app is a welcomed addition to the app store, and it provides a wealth of information for any savvy traveler.

Graphics and Interface: Rating:

Maui Revealed offers a rather simple graphical interface, although in this particular case it was rather welcomed. Attempting to provide a large volume of information in an easily digestible capacity is difficult, and hence, the basic graphics made the initial venture of exploring the app easy and effortless. Accessing the features was very intuitive, and with an ability to type in a search, pinch and zoom for mapping, or scroll by category, you are able to quickly garner any information desired.


Content and Features: Rating:

Maui Revealed

I could not have been happier with the in-depth content provided by the Maui Revealed app. Living here on Maui, I felt that I would certainly know of some hidden local hot-spots that the app would not uncover, however, I was rather surprised to find that not only were the common tourist spots readily available, but off-the-beaten-path local favorites were also uncovered within the app.

The Maui Revealed iPhone app utilizes the GPS within the iPhone to pinpoint your location, which is rather handy from a safety perspective as you traverse some of the various terrains Maui has to offer, but it also is a great way to find local points of interest, such as activities, beaches, restaurants and more, at the click of a button.

The app also allows you to search by category, and narrow in on a region of the island. You can easily search a large variety of categories, including sights, dining, beaches, activities, where to stay, and more. By delving into this “content” search, you are presented with clearly detailed information, inclusive of photographs, rich text, links to other points of interest or related content, as well as an ability to garner directions to your destination.

Value: Rating:

Although the Maui Revealed app is a bit pricy, at $5.99, I found it to be a very worthy investment. If you plan to visit the beautiful Island of Maui, being prepared is more than just sun screen, you need a handy guide with insightful tips and information. Know what the locals know with Maui Revealed for the iPhone.

Maui Revealed  iPhone app  [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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